Tuesday, August 20, 2013

People watching

Ok, two things...

I was at the store today and noticed 4 girls all shopping together. As I was checking out they were chatting and having a good time. When I loaded my car and my baby they were talking about if they could make it to Walmart and back before one girl's next class.
Oh college. Oh roommates. What a fun time of life, I really enjoyed it. I loved living with lots of girls, and having my only major financial expense be rent and groceries.
Don't get me wrong. I'm SO HAPPY with where my life is now, but I just took a moment to reminisce in the good ol' days.

Also at the store there was a really nice gentleman who was very social. He walked passed and looked at Cambria (I had her facing out in her carseat, so she could see everything as it was passing. But that meant that I couldn't see her face. She also just got her shots :( so she's not the happiest thing). He looked at me with a worried expression... "I'm sorry, I looked at her." (he was chuckling) then I heard her cry, I explained that she got her shots, he nodded in understanding. Later he passed again, smiled, and didn't look at Cambria, then looked at me and said "I didn't look this time, she's fine :)", THEN as I was loading my car with the food and the baby I was about to take the cart back to the cart return and he was walking from the cart return and offered to take my cart. "Let me take it, then you don't have to leave your baby" I love kind people! I need to be more outgoing like that. It really makes people's day.

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