Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Excited

I have a friend who had a birthday today. She turned 34, or 35 today. I don't remember which. When she was telling me about her birthday she was really excited about it. What did that make me want to do? Bake her cookies, naturally.

She also had a friend make her lunch, and has another friend who is taking her out to dinner. That's a lot of things that people have done for her birthday! That's not including everything her family and husband is going to do for her.

Why did I feel inclined to make her cookies? Why are all of these people doing all these super nice things for her. Because she's awesome, yes, but I don't think she's any more awesome than anyone else that I don't make cookies for on their birthdays. (Don't take that as a stab, she is awesome. But I know a lot of awesome people, and actually a lot of awesome people that don't get treated to every meal of the day on their birthdays.)

So... why? I think it's because she makes her birthday a big deal to her. She is excited about it, which makes other people excited about it too. Sometimes in our society we feel like we need to "be humble" which we take to mean that we don't want to make anything that is exciting a big deal. Guess what I learned today? It's OK to be excited about exciting things in our lives! Let's relish in the joys of life, and not down play them.

... just a random thought I had today. I thought it might make a good blog post. So there you have it.


  1. Me gusta mucho. We we we so excited!!;)

  2. As the recipient of your AWESOME birthday kindness, I just have to say thank you!
    I felt so very special and blessed all day. Henry even took outstanding naps. I called my mom to thank her for giving birth to me.