Wednesday, November 30, 2016

365 gratitude day 322

Today as Cambria and I were playing, I was sitting on the floor and she was standing. She gave me a hug and I heard her heart beating. I was filled with gratitude that she has a strong healthy body.
I know that is not always the case, and I'm grateful that it is the case with my kids.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

365 gratitude day 321

I'm grateful that my mom is just a phone call away. We had a good, happy conversation today.

I'm grateful that my kids want to be around me. Sometimes I don't give them the attention they need, but they still love me. I'm really grateful for that.

365 gratitude day 320

I'm grateful that despite the rough day, I was still able to get a lot done today.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

365 gratitude day 319

I'm grateful that we made it home safely. None of us got a ton of sleep last night. We were all really tired in the car.

I'm also grateful that the heater turned on today. Our heater has a part that is getting old (no biggy, it's a relatively minor fix, we just haven't called someone to fix it yet) and it causes the heater to not kick out heat periodically. Well we turned the heat way down while we were gone. And couldn't get the heater to kick on today. We gathered together and prayed that it would turn on, and it did a little while later! I'm grateful for opportunities to do something like that, where the kids can see that the Lord answers our prayers.

365 gratitude day 318

I'm grateful for how easy it is to talk to the Hillam's. I think if we lived in the same city, Kallie and I would be great friends!

I'm grateful for how fun they are. We are having a great time!

365 gratitude day 317

I'm grateful for the hospitality of the Hillam's. We are visiting Jonathan's former mission companion and his family for the weekend. They are so welcoming and accommodating.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

365 gratitude day 316

Today I'm grateful for holidays. This thanksgiving was really fun! It was full of texts from my family, time with my kids and hubby, fantastic food and friends. It was a great day. I'm grateful for days to remember my abundance. It's easy to think I don't have much (since we are in grad school) but we are really comfortable, and don't go without. We have been very blessed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

365 gratitude day 315

I'm grateful for the support that can come from the Lord. Corbin had a meltdown that lasted 2 hours!! Thankfully, Cambria was an angel today, so I only delt with one cranky kid.

But I digress: I'm so grateful that regardless of the stressful morning, I had a great day and legitimately enjoyed some time with both my kids.

365 gratitude day 314

I'm grateful for the atonement.

Monday, November 21, 2016

365 gratitude day 313

Today I'm grateful for media. That's odd to say, but sometimes everyone just NEEDS a distraction to make it till daddy comes home. Today was one of those days. I wasn't in the best of moods, and Cambria had a screaming fit if ANYTHING went in any other direction besides her way. So wild crats and fixer upper got us through the day.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

365 gratitude day 312

I'm grateful for the atonement. Everyone in our house was cranky today. I'm glad that tomorrow is a new day, and (hopefully) we won't take today's baggage into tomorrow.

365 gratitude day 311

I'm grateful for productive Saturdays! I got most of what I wanted to get done finished today.

I made some muffins, and chopped veggies for snacks and meals this week! I was so proud of myself!

Friday, November 18, 2016

365 gratitude day 310

Today on our way home from the temple, Jonathan and I started talking about our kids' personalities. We started identifying different traits they each possessed. It was so good! I felt like I was able to see them as people rather than just toddlers. I was beaming by the end of the conversation. I am blessed to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

365 gratitude day 309

I'm grateful that the weather was beautiful today. I can't believe it's mid November and we are still getting days in the 70's!
We went on a quick walk, and I loved it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

365 gratitude day 308

I'm grateful for pain killers. I had a killer headache, and I wasn't a very nice person. But thankfully I felt better after taking Tylenol.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

365 gratitude day 307

I'm grateful for the inspiration I had yesterday to start a craft. I basically finished it today (just a little glue, spray sealant, and a few holes to drill and it will be done!) and I feel so energized because of it. I had a very bad day, so Jonathan gave me the night off. I decided to work on my project and my day has ended so much better than it started!

I'm also grateful that I found something to do for me. Most of the creative things I do are for other people. So I finish them usually within a time crunch (which adds stress, not relieves it), then I give them away and hardly see them again. But this is going to sit on my door for a while. And I will enjoy it!

Oh, and the best thing about it? Everything that went into making it, I already had. Aside from one thing that I spent a dollar on. Bonus! I win!

Monday, November 14, 2016

365 gratitude day 306

I'm grateful that despite how tired and anxious I felt, I still was able to get a lot done today! I kept the kitchen clean, and had both kids help with folding the laundry (something I've never tried to do), took a walk, and even started a thanksgiving project on a whim (with left over materials, so it's going to be free!)

I am grateful that I can step back and see that it probably wasn't because I'm awesome. It's because the Lord was sustaining me, and helping me not boil over. I bubbled up a few times, but was able to simmer down.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

365 gratitude day 305

Today I'm grateful for the Spirit that I felt at church. I really had some moments of soul searching, and it was so good.

365 gratitude day 304

I'm grateful for baby showers. I spent some good time with other women today. It filled me (it fills a different jar than my family jar...)

I'm also grateful that Jonathan and I were able to get out on a date tonight! That fills me too.

365 gratitude day 303

Today Amy and mom left. I'm grateful that it was a good day despite them leaving. When I first became a mom, I had a really hard time saying goodbye. It always ended in tears and a few day post-vacation depression. But today was different. We all had a good day, and spent some good time together.

365 gratitude day 302

Today we just chilled. I am grateful that I feel so comfortable with my family. I'm grateful for how much we laugh together. I'm grateful for how energized and upbeat I feel with them around.

365 gratitude day 301

I'm grateful for the fun we had in Indy today. I had a pretty intense craving for Tucanos on Monday but was able to hold it off till today. I'm glad I did! It was so fun to go with mom and Amy too!

I'm grateful that I was able to walk around the temple with them too. The Indy temple really feels like my temple. So it's fun to have people I care so much about see a place I care so much about.

365 gratitude day 300

Today my mom and my older sister showed up on my doorstep! They knocked on the door at 10:00 tonight. I had no idea they were coming! That was the definition of a pleasant surprise!

I'm grateful for the relationships I have with them, that I want to be with them, and they would be willing to sacrifice time and money to spend time with me!

Monday, November 7, 2016

365 gratitude day 299

I know I just said this, but I'm grateful that my kids are starting to play together. It's so fun to see that they enjoy being with each other. It also gives me hope for bringing in a new person into the mix: maybe they won't be on top of me or fighting endlessly every time I need to nurse...

I love to see them laugh together. That's a better sound than just one child laughing; two, laughing with each other!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

365 gratitude day 298

I'm grateful for all the resources the church has for all sorts things. Jonathan and I watched a good portion of a teacher training video to help teachers understand the new program that's being implemented "teaching in the Savior's way". It was inspiring to hear the words of general authorities and general officers of the church talk about teaching.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

365 gratitude day 297

I'm grateful for all the things I had to do today. I was going from place to place (babysitting, to an essential oils class, to home for a minute, then to a free ballet concert) that it felt like a mommy day off. I needed that. Before today, I had been feeling like I hadn't had a break for longer than an evening in a very long time. So this was perfect timing. I'm grateful for Jonathan, who just stepped up and took care of the kids without a word. He's so great!

Friday, November 4, 2016

365 gratitude day 296

I'm so grateful for moments to connect with baby Aveya. I laid down today and took some time to focus on her. I watched my belly jump as she moved, and I felt my belly and got an idea of where she is, and how big she is.

This whole pregnancy thing is such a miracle!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

365 gratitude day 295

I'm grateful for my therapist. I don't think I mentioned that I'm going, but I've been going for about a month. She is awesome because she asked questions in ways that I come to concussions myself, rather than just telling me what I need to do.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

365 gratitude day 294

Today I'm grateful for friends who invite me to do things with them. Although we left stressed (Corbin had a short nap, and doesn't have many opportunities to play with kids his own age... that's not a good combo), I'm grateful that we got out of the house and got to know a new friend better.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016