Monday, September 21, 2015

My favorites

When I sing Cambria to sleep each night, I let her choose a song, then I choose a song and so it goes.
When I tell her it's her turn to choose, she mumbles to herself "my turn, ok..." It's adorable!

Sometimes Cambria wants to dance with me. A little while ago, she insisted that she play the piano while I dance. I didn't mind that. I got some good pirouette practice.

Her little imagination is really taking off. She loves to carry her imaginary friends around. They are often the names of her real friends. She likes to take trips in her imaginary van, opening the door, putting on her seat belt and then rolling her hands (like the actions to "the wheels on the bus") when she drives.

She also likes to pretend to go shopping. When she goes, she always brings home chocolate. I don't mind eating imaginary chocolate! The other day she pretended to be the cashier. She pushed some buttons and then said "do you want cash back?" (something they always ask at Aldi). I couldn't resist laughing out loud at that one!

I love catching Cambria and Corbin holding hands. It's probably the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We share more than we think

Last night I was listening to Christian radio. For a good portion of the time a local pastor was giving some sort of sermon. As I was listening, I realized that we shared the same beliefs more often than not.

He talked about the power of prayer. He also talked about how if we don't get our prayers answered right away, that doesn't mean that God isn't listening. He then said something to the effect of "God's answer to prayers are yes, no, or wait. More often for me, His answer is wait". That reminded me of a quote from a general conference talk by Richard G. Scott about prayer. He basically said the same thing.

A lot of people in a lot of different faiths know my Heavenly Father, some may know Him better than me, but He is the same being, and He loves us all the same. Truth is truth, and it's coming from the same Source.

So many different churches have so much truth! That was a nice reminder to me. Sometimes I get caught up in my own Mormon-ness that I forget that many different church members have the same beliefs and values as I do.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just another day

I try to keep my blog posts pretty positive most of the time. But I just want to show a little real life.

Today I finished a car seat cover for a friend, so I thought I would try to send it today since she is due soon. When we got to the post office, I asked Cambria to be my big helper and push Corbin's stroller for me. She did that and then when I started looking for the right thing to put my items in (is it just me or are all the boxes crazy confusing... which one is the free box? Is this flat rate? Where are the free envelopes? Why is there nobody to ask?) The Post office is already a stressful place for me, I don't want to get ripped off by putting something in the wrong box, but I really don't feel like I can interrupt and ask a worker since they are always helping someone else.

Anyway... then Cambria started opening all the mail boxes. I tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn't listen to me. I didn't have a way to enforce anything without creating a scene, so I let that slide. Then I did a horrible thing: I asked her to stand by me while I waited in line (how dare I!). I asked her to help me push Corbin over, she didn't listen, so I pushed him myself. She had a fit (screaming, rolling on the floor, the whole shebang). I decided the best way to deal with that was to ignore it. Then since she wasn't getting the attention she wanted she started pushing Corbin, and rocking the stroller side to side (the way the wheels don't move) and pulling on the sun shade (sideways... that's a great way to break it). I asked her to stop and she kept doing it. At one point she climbed up on the stroller and sat on Corbin! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? So I picked her up and told her that she wasn't aloud down since she wasn't obeying mommy. That didn't go over well. I managed to hold her in my arms (during her best efforts to get out of my arms) and get to the counter. I placed my package on the scale and the worker looked at me and said "she's a feisty one". My only thought was, you have no idea... I had to put her down to get my card, and by the time I had my card out she had grabbed the stroller and pulled, It tipped backwards and Corbin was head down, Corbin could have slid out and hit his head. Thankfully he was strapped in, and didn't move. That was it. She was not aloud down. ever. again. I held her while she threw herself every way possible. At one point I was holding her hips as she was upside down wrapping her arms around my knee. Then the worker said "have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said" I didn't appreciate that. I just said "they are fine as long as we never leave the house."

Then I left, with a kicking and screaming (literally screaming, not crying... like, ear piercing screaming) toddler and trying to push my baby in the stroller. I knew every eye was on me, and I also knew I was blushing like crazy. I really wanted someone to say something like "you are doing a good job," or "I've been there, it'll pass" or something. Nobody said anything, nobody even made eye contact.

It could have been worse, Corbin was an angel the entire time. I'm grateful that he didn't get hurt, and that he was happy regardless of what his sister was doing to him.

If anyone is wondering when we will have another baby... not for a long time... a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGG time.