Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blowing Kisses

Cambria is learning how to blow kisses. She usually just puts her hand over her mouth and makes the kissing sound "mmmm" then she puts her hand on daddy's mouth (because they blow me kisses before heading to bed) and he shows her how to BLOW a kiss.

... Cambria is also learning how to blow her nose.

With her current runny nose, she went to blow me a kiss and then daddy said "blow Cambria" in hopes to get her to move her hand from her mouth. She proceeded to blow, but to blow her nose! Then, sticking with the routine she tried to put her hand on daddy's mouth for him to show her how to blow a kiss! She succeeded before Jonathan knew what was up!

HAHA! I couldn't stop laughing! Too funny!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spread Thin

There are lots of areas in a person's life. Which means there are lots of areas that a person can feel like they are doing their best but still not measuring up. Why is that?

I'm having a day like that. I feel like I look at different aspects of my life and I'm just reminded of yet another area I should work harder at.

Some days, in the mommy area I feel like I could have done better. I could have paid more attentioon to Cambria, or I could have been more fun throughout the day. Some days I feel really good, but some days she spreads me thin... Today I got so thin I had a VERY nasty mommy moment. Not ok.

Most days in the home maker area I feel like I barely scrape by at best. I never get done all that I would like to, and a rarely get done what I should.

In the church calling category, when I think about it I'm reminded how much better it would be if I was just a bit more organized, and thought and planned ahead more.

Today I had a low on all these areas...

I had a relief society activities planning meeting tonight that I was not even close to prepared for. Then every idea I had was shot down by my committee... That didn't help my already poor mood. We have an activity coming up in a week and I haven't thought through half of what the activity is going to be. Since I hadn't before the meeting, it's not going to be what I was hoping it would be. It's going to be a lot more simple, which I hope doesn't come across as un planned, or as a half hearted effort.

Like I said, thee mommy area was not a high point today eiather.

And to top it all off, the house was a mess all day, that is till jonathan came home and played super dad and did a lot to help.

Oh, and I still haven't read my scriptures...

This may come across as a depressed post. I'm not feeling depressed, I just think it's healthy to talk about life as it really happens. Some days are better than others. Today I just feel like I'm spread really thin. Hopefully a good nights rest will help me feel thicker for tomorrow ;)


This upcoming post is very personal and I don't mean to blog about it to make light of the situation, but this has become my journal and I NEED  to record this:

When Cambria wants things done over and over we often tell her "you do it". The other day she remembered before me that we forgot to say prayer over her food. I said a prayer and then a few minutes later she wanted me to pray again, so I said another prayer. Then she wanted another prayer said, so I told her to do it. She looked at me for a bit, and then folded her arms, bowed her head (something I hadn't ever seen her do before) and started babbling in the sweetest tone I have ever heard! She stayed there for a good minute or so and then looked up and made some sort of exclamation at the end! What a sweet girl she is! I couldn't help but think that she probably was really talking to someone she really knows, and possibly still remembers.

I love sweet moments. I love reminders about how close heaven really is.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Date night

I haven't told about our date nights in a while... Tonight we just connected. We just talked, and it was so good. Sometimes it's easy to go a long time without really connecting. So tonight was good.

Last week we didn't have a date night because my grandparents were in town from canada. It was so great to see them. It had been a really long time! We played so many games! It was a blast!

The Recent Past

Cambria has been so fun and so frustrating all at the same time. One day this week my fuse got so short that I snatched her up and put her in her dark room and slammed the door (ok, maybe not slammed, but I wanted to) I was so fed up, I don't even remember what she was doing, but it was something. Then I locked myself in my room and prayed. Asking for forgiveness for loosing my temper, and asking to help me see the cuteness that Cambria has, to enjoy her joy and not let her fits get to me as much.

When I finished my prayer, and got her she was so happy to see me. I said I was sorry and she gave me some really tender, sweet hugs. I'll take that as an apology as well. She did so much better the rest of the day.

That night at dinner Jonathan and I were relishing in our adorable baby. She was being so cute, and so happy! When she is happy, she has a way of making everyone around her happy. I realized how good she was after my prayer and I realized how grateful I am that Heavenly Father can help me, and help her be in a better mood.

It's not uncommon for Jonathan and me to sit together at night for a good few minutes talking about all the cute things Cambria did that day. I realized last night as I also remembered my least proud moment of the day when my temper was too close to being lost... (or maybe it was lost...) that it's probably a really good thing that we focus on her cuteness and relish in the joy she brings. It fills me, and helps me prepare for the next day.

On a completely different thought:

I need some advice: Cambria has been fighting her naps, and I don't get my sweet cuddles in the middle of the day that I cherish and help me refill my "I have a sweet girl" bucket. I think that may be why I'm living on a shorter fuse with her (maybe it's the raging hormones, I often am much more irritable while pregnant... can't wait for my hormones to normalize...). Any suggestions on how to help her be calm as we rock and sing some songs before she goes to sleep?

Also... I'm really struggling with a daughter that enjoys disobeying me (us). She doesn't respond to us telling her that what she's doing is not good, she rarely responds to time-outs (and I really would prefer not go give them to her for every little thing she does wrong) and she just laughs at me if I try to talk to her and help her understand why she needs to lay down on the changing table rather than stand (for example). I would love for her to actually come when I ask her to come here (especially since in a few short weeks I won't be physically able to chase her down to get her shoes on, or stop her from touching something hot, or running in the street) right now she just runs away and laughs. ... really struggling. Any suggestions? I'd love some insight!

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to play with a tricycle

How do you play with a tricycle when you are too small to ride it?

... Well, there are several things to do...

Tricycles have bells, those are pretty fun to play with...

Pushing them around the deck can be fun...

I like to sit on the back and have mommy push me around. Sometimes I even say "weeee"

And then there is the seat, that's where you are supposed to sit. Mommy pushes me while I sit on the seat too

OOh! Pedals! 

It makes a pretty good jungle gym too. 

Oh the joys of toys, even if you are too small for them

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cambria cuteness

I think just about every other post could be titled that... We have a cute girl. She is growing up and getting quite the personality.

This weekend Jonathan was out of town, and I got to see the full realm of Cambria. Not like I don't always see it, but I didn't get many if any breaks, so I saw a lot of it. She is a little stubborn... just like mom, I'm seeing little things that I did as a child and I'm really hoping she isn't the full blown mini me that I was really hoping she wouldn't become :) (I was a HORRIBLE and a hard child to raise... don't believe me? Believe it, ask my siblings, or my mom... they can't deny it)

But the good thing about this situation is that she is really cute while she's being difficult, sometimes I think that is a child's saving grace. If kids weren't so cute, I think their parents would loose it a lot more than they do.

Today Cambria was difficult, but very cute. When she does something she knows she shouldn't do, I get my "serious face" on, I developed it when I was in my teaching preschool class at BYU, my teacher called it her "teacher face". I lower my chin, look them right in the eye, and raise my eyebrows... It's now habit. Well, today Cambria threw her food on the floor and then she looked at me and lowered her chin and raised her eyebrows. I laughed right out loud!! I couldn't help it. She's not old enough to make fun of me! Not yet!


We have gotten Cambria a doll to prepare for baby brother. Man, she has grown attached to that thing! She now needs to rock it to sleep while she gets rocked for nap time. She brought baby up to daddy today and then grabbed her wipes and insisted that we needed to change baby's bum. She took the diaper off, and used a wipe to clean baby up. It was quite cute! Pretty soon she'll figure out how to put the diaper back on too. There have been a few times she hasn't wanted to get her diaper changed, but if we change baby's diaper first, then she will willingly lay down to let mommy change her. I'm really hoping that this will ease the transition for when baby brother comes.


The other day she ran around the corner and started saying "eeeeeeesssseee" (cheese) and wouldn't stop till I took a picture of her! I don't know if I taught her that word, but she knows that's what you say when a picture is being taken.

I'm so grateful for the cute moments, it makes the hard moments a little easier to bare.