Sunday, September 9, 2018

Jonathan's birthday

Jonathan's birthday kind of snuck up on me this year. I was not prepared like I was last year, but last year was the anomaly. He's pretty easy to please, which takes the pressure off.

This year, I gave him the morning off (he often wakes up with the kids so I can get a little more sleep... isn't he so great!?!) and made omelets, toast, and OJ. We had stake conference today and Aveya wasn't having it... she did not want to sit in the meeting, so I got to walk the halls. The other kids did really well, so he was actually able to listen (which is better than we could say for the last month or so of church, it's not unusual for both of us to be out in the foyer with a different child, and Cambria sits by herself...). Happy birthday to him!

I was pretty exhausted (now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, I'm feeling very tired) so I took a nap, and tried to get Aveya to sleep (didn't happen). Then I worked on dinner and dessert! We had sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, nachos, salad, and root beer. Then we had chocolate mousse for dessert!

As far as presents, he's the hardest person to shop for. He doesn't like stuff, has no hobbies, and doesn't give me any fun ideas... He does have a bike though, so I gave him some bike gear and a new, very slim wallet.

All-in-all, I think it was a good day.

I sure do love that man! He seriously is the best dad and such a great husband. I'm so glad he's mine!

Singing "happy birthday" to himself with the kids.

She's modeling daddy's new helmet. 

Corbin's birthday

I have a big 4-year-old boy! He is old enough to really relish the birthday glory! The main thing he said to me was "mom, can I _____ because it's my birthday?" He got to do a lot of fun things that he usually doesn't do, which he loved.

He stayed home from school because he had a fever the night before. He didn't act sick, but he was feeling pretty warm.

He got to wear his pajamas all day, and watch shows, and eat almost as many canned peaches as he wanted (I capped it at 3 or 4 little-individualized snack packs). We had a great day!

He asked for a cake with candy on the inside, cookies on the outside, frosting and whipped cream. So, why not indulge him for his birthday?

He took a long nap because he wasn't feeling well, poor kid!

Corbin is a Preschooler!

Corbin had his first day on the Monday after Cambria started. He is still speech delayed, so he gets to ride the bus! I was a little nervous about how that would go considering when we walked around on the bus on his orientation day he wouldn't even step on it without clinging to me the whole time.

On his first day, Cambria rode the bus with him (because her bus stop is 4 houses down and they pick up at the same time and drop off in the same location). He walked on without a backward glance, and came home with a smile on his face!

The first week was a little rough, Corbin didn't engage much (I got a note from his teacher), but turned out that he gave himself a fever by Friday. I think he stressed himself out, to the point that he made himself sick. I haven't gotten another note from his teacher, so I'm hoping that means that he's starting to engage in class more.

Turned out that Jonathan's first day of teaching as a tenure-track professor was Corbin's first day too! I had to take that photo opp.