Sunday, February 22, 2015

Miracles Happen

** does anyone else read that title and have the song pop into their heads (the one that is on Princess Diary's?)**

So I wanted to document this amazing experience I had the other day. I was shopping at Walmart and I put my keys in the cart so that Cambria could play with them (she is getting to the stage where the cart is so much more interesting than the seat up top...). After several hours of shopping, I finally checked out, as I was doing that I noticed that my key fob was on the floor (Miracle #1). I thought oh, that's random, I'm glad I saw that fall off. That would be a bad thing to loose. I picked it up and didn't think to look at my keys to see why it fell off. Cambria was starting to get anxious to get home so I was hurrying out of the store. When we got all the groceries put in our van I grabbed my lanyard and looked at the key ring... this is what I saw:

My stomach immediately dropped. Where are my keys? Cambria saw my face and said "mommy?" (she is so in tune with my emotions... it's kind of crazy!) I said "Cambria, where are mommy's keys?" I looked at the cart, and they weren't in there. They could be anywhere! So I called Jonathan and he picked up (miracle #2) and I told him my situation and he said that he was on his way to drop off his key so we could get home (miracle #3, he was available to come up). I said a prayer and started tracing my steps. As I was looking around where I checked out the bagger asked if I needed anything. I told them my situation and she said that I should talk to customer service. I did that and nothing was turned in. I left my phone number and a description of my keys then kept tracing my steps. As I started doing this my fussy, tired baby (Corbin) fell asleep in the cart (miracle #4) and Cambria was happy to go throug the store again, even though she was just asking to go home (#5). I literally retraced every step I took (all the while Cambria was saying "Where keys? A-bye-bye", too cute) but I wasn't crazy anxious (#6) and I asked every worker I saw if they had seen my keys. After retracing every step Jonathan was with me and helping me load the kids in the car. When he handed me his key I got a phone call. It was customer service; they found my keys (#7)! And, I hadn't left yet, so I could still run in and grab them (#8) and Jonathan hadn't left yet, so he could stay with the kids while I ran in (#9). When I came to pick them up, this was the condition of my key ring:

Not a single key had fallen off, even though it would have been so easy for all of them to be off (#10).

Coincidence? I think not!

This was such a testimony builder that after everything we can do the Lord will make up the rest. I literally did all within my power to find them, and after I did that, my keys were found. 

And I was able to teach Cambria about prayer, and how much Heavenly Father is aware of our needs.