Friday, June 12, 2015

My responsibility as an aunt

I have spent almost a week at my sister's house and its been really fun. But I have been struggling with how to treat my niece and nephews. I have seen the things they do when mom's not around, and I have felt a need to be a second mom. I had an epiphany today. They don't need a second mom, or a second discipliner, they need a person who loves them the way they are. They need an adult friend and playmate. I'm going to try harder to be that rather than what I have been this last week.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Here are some awesome pictures/videos from the recent past

I didn't know she knew this song till she started singing with me.

If this is the only video you watch. Watch it. SO CUTE!!

I just love sleeping babies!

We went to an event on campus with a petting zoo. She loved the chicks!

she did touch the cow... but wasn't too excited about it.

LOVE this pic!!!

sometimes Cambria wants me to play Barbies... and sometimes I play longer than she does...
(my first waterfall braid. Success!)

my first ladder braid :)

Cambria was playing in her box and insisted that Corbin join!

I seriously love the way he looks at her!
For our five year wedding anniversary, we went horseback riding! Since neither of us had really ridden, we had a beginner lesson, but it was still fun!

We took family pictures (thanks Jenn!) and here are some faves!
Love their relationship!!

Pure joy right there!

Teaching Cambria how to blow dandelions. 

my cuties

he loves his daddy!

again, love their relationship!

Moments like this don't happen often, but I love them when they do happen
I love holding her hand

mmmm! mum mum!

temple snack buddies!

Swing-cheese! (lol... it's late)

"beep beep"

Cambee with some friends. They played almost independently the whole time. Then when it was time to go, this moment happened.

We take our smoothie mustaches very seriously around here. If we get lucky, they turn into goatees. 
look! Curls!

Corbin 9 months

Dear Corbin,
Well, I did it, I'm a little more on the ball! I'm only two days late rather than a few weeks or months!

This month I feel like you have developed your gross motor skills quite a lot! You are now a full blown sitter! I feel confident enough in your sitting ability (and your ability to get to your belly from sitting, since you rarely sit still) that I can put you down and walk away. You are also an awesome scooter! You now get to where you want to go. I often find you following Cambria or me around the house. Then when you finally get to the room we are in you give the biggest grin and start laughing, almost as if you are saying "I did it! I'm so proud of myself!" You have crawled a few ... crawls? Is that what you call them? You have done up to 4 hand-knee movements before you fall over. With just a little more core strength, you will be crawling all over the place!

You also are very interested in what's around you. Often what's around you are all of the toys. Cambria has never had an experience where the toys in her house weren't just hers, so she is learning how to let you play with things. One time you were interested in a toy that Cambria was playing with (the stacking cups) and scooted over to get some. Cambria didn't know how to handle that, so she wrapped her arms and legs around her toys and got stressed "No! Mine! Noooo! Miiiiiiine!" you didn't seem to understand what that meant, so you just kept trying to get them. I tried to offer help to Cambria by handing her toys to let you play with, but since she still thinks everything in the house is hers, anything I handed her was added to the pile she was trying to protect. Does this mean you are going to be a tease? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised... you would come by it naturally if you did. ... What are brothers for, right?

You have also discovered the feeling of shoes in your mouth. And oh, how you long for the glorious taste of rubber in your mouth! Today you found the shoes, so daddy picked you up and put you down about 5 feet away from the shoes, and as fast as you could, you B-lined it to those shoes again. Good thing you aren't that fast yet, we caught you before anything got in your mouth.

I feel like you have been teething for months, but I think you might actually pop one through in the coming month, there are three, maybe four that are very close. The top two are quickly moving down, and hopefully out soon. I would love for you to have some relief in that department. I can't imagine the constant ache/pain you feel as you are cutting teeth.

Cambria loves to hold you! You don't seem to mind. Your relationship is so sweet. Cambria loves to be close (when she wants to be). Close, like, in your bubble close. But you just take it, and love her back. It's very sweet to see.

You have started giving kisses! I love your slobbery token of love!

Corbin, you are such a sweet boy! You have a tender spirit, and a way to brighten up a room with your smile.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

It's a little blurry, but this was the first time you wore a white shirt and "tie" to church! Too cute!

You just take all the love, and give it right back!