Monday, August 12, 2013

For all Eternity

There is an audio CD that Jonathan and I have been listening to that I totally love! It's called "For All Eternity" it's by Dr. John L. Lund. It's a 4 part class that he teaches in a fireside setting.

It's all about how to strengthen marriages. Although my marriage is awesome (I'm really grateful for that), it can always improve. I am kind of a how-to-improve-my-marriage junkie. Granted, that's what my Bachelors was in, so it makes sense. But I LOVE this one! He is a marriage therapist and he is also a member of the Church. He is amazing! I like it so much because he uses his research, along with John Gottman's research (John Gottman is basically the go-to for marriage research. He is awesome!). Dr Lund also uses the gospel, and stories from his many years of therapy sessions. He also uses practical things we can do to improve our marriage. Sometimes I feel like other things I have listened to or read will just say "you need to love more" for example, and I am thinking "ok... how? I think I do that, but what can I do to love more?" but he is not that way. He gives doable, measurable, things that will improve your marriage. It's awesome! I could go on all day, but I won't. Oh and he's funny. That always helps.

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