Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Here are a few random thoughts about our trip to the DMV today.

So, sad news. My last bit of holding on to being Utahn got taken away from me today :( I had to turn over my Utah driver's license to get my Indiana one.  Just had to say that first.

We went to the DMV and took a written drivers test so that we could get our Indiana driver's licenses. I just have to say that taking tests freak me out. The thought of failing them freak me out... Especially tests that I haven't really studied for and that 15 year old's are passing daily. As I was taking practice tests I wasn't doing too well... That didn't help my anxiety. Thankfully I passed, and it's not a question whether or not Jonathan passed. He passes tests, that's just what he does.

As we were looking at our temporary licenses that we were given, we noticed that we both added a few pounds to the "weight" category. Jonathan justified it by saying "Well, if I'm fully clothed, and have a full stomach, then maybe I am _____". My justification was "well, when I'm not nursing, this is my weight". Jonathan mentioned that most people probably do the opposite; they probably shave off a few lbs. We had a good laugh about that one.

Cambria was such a good baby. She was tired and hungry, but didn't do more than a subtle whine, with maybe a little squeal (both excited ones, and frustrated ones) every now and then. The lady that was helping me (about my age) mentioned that she doesn't have kids, but when she sees cute, well behaved babies like mine it makes her want a baby. That made me feel good. I like to hear that someone besides me thinks she's cute and well behaved :)

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