Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Have Arrived!

On Sunday I had a lady in my ward come up to me out of the blue and say "are you pregnant?" to which I happily affirmed. Sometimes I feel like there's no way to miss my pregnant belly, other times I forget I am pregnant. It felt good to have someone who didn't know I was pregnant think I looked pregnant enough to ask me.
It felt good. I'm glad I'm passed the "is she pregnant or just gaining weight?" stage :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cambria is getting bigger!

I was looking through some pictures that I could put up on facebook and I realized how much she has grown up in the last month! She is visibly older and it's kinda crazy how fast she is growing up.

Some of her accomplishments include talking! Holy cow, she's getting there! Her newest words are "Caaa" (car) "Haaaa" (hi) "Baaa" (bye) "Nana!" (banana) and of course "caca" (cracker) "dada" (dad) and sometimes (more often when she's crying) "mama". She can hear a dog and recognize it before I notice there's one barking, and she's noticing the birds singing too.

I think she is going to be running soon, she has one speed, fast! I hope I can get her to understand "come here" (and respond besides running away) before I become more whale-like.

She's such a joy, most of the time. And we are so grateful for her!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Birthday. Post birthday post

I had the best birthday! It was full of good food, good company and people showing me they loved me. It doesn't get much better than that! Cambria was even very pleasant, which is not always the case. She took a good long nap and was happy when she was awake. THANK YOU BABY!

Jonathan made me crepe's in the morning. I didn't get a picture of it, but there were strawberries, cream, chocolate sauce and half a banana (we forgot to buy more so Jonathan stopped Cambria at the halfway point so I could have the other half. That's love).

He stayed home for an hour from work so I could take a nice shower (no bath... maybe next year) and we could eat our yummy breakfast. It was just what I needed.

Then Cambria and I bonded, and then a friend came over. I got a lot of phone calls, and they were almost all when she was there. haha. I told my mom that I would call her when my friend left. Which I did. I put Cambee down and then called her while I soaked my feet and gave myself a pedicure.


Another friend stopped by. She said she happened to be in the neighborhood and thought she would stop by. She then asked me if she would show me the bathroom and tell me the plans for our renovation. odd... but ok. So I showed her my bathroom and told her my plans. Then she said she would show herself out.... um, our house is about the size of a shoe box, I wasn't going to be so rude as to let her walk herself to the door, especially when it's like ten steps from where we were standing. So I told her I would walk her to the door. Then she stopped me and started oohing and awwing over my sewing room... ok. It's just a room with a few desks and it's very messy... But she seemed interested so I showed her the wedding dress I was working on. She seemed impressed (who wouldn't be, I'm pretty amazing ;) JUST KIDDING!)

We walked to the door and made some small talk before she opened the door and tried to slide out. odd again... I opened the door for her and my screen door was all decorated! and there was my favorite candy and some balloons! Well shoot! That made my day! When I asked her if she did this she walked away and said "I have no idea what you are talking about!" ha! She was in my house trying to keep me away from the door while my other friend was outside frantically taping up paper balloons!

That was the highlight. Nice people are nice. I like them :)

IMG_5050 IMG_5049

Then I took a nap and when I woke up I did my finger nails (we'll see how long they last)


and then Daddy was home just in time to change Cambee's poopy diaper!

Then we went on a walk...

THEN a different friend came over to watch Cambria so Jonathan and I could go out to eat. sigh, dinner at a nice restaurant with my hubby without my child... it doesn't get much better than that. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but I need some time to regroup and feel like an adult that can talk to other adults.

We went to Huhot, and it is probably one of my favorite restaurants now. If you have one close to you, go. It's an experience you should have.

IMAG0033 IMAG0034

I have decided that I like Americanized places a lot better than authentic places... It helps that I can speak the language of the people who are working there.

The day ended with Skor cake and presents.

Best. Day. Ever!

Monday, April 21, 2014

My birthday

I am not sure why in our society it is cliche to be excited for your birthday if you are past the age of 12. I just want to say that I'm not going to live by that societal rule.


Jonathan is going to make me breakfast in the morning, and we are going to go to Huhut tomorrow for dinner. I have never been there, but it came highly recommended and I am. so. excited. Oh, and he has started making Skor cake as well... mmmmm It doesn't get much better than Skor cake :)

I also signed up for birthday clubs and I have a free meal at Ihop... I'm not sure who I'm going to go with because we don't want to pay for another meal, but you best be believing I will be using that meal :) Not to mention lots of free ice cream. I hope I can find enough people who want to celebrate with me to use all this free stuff :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bonding Through Work

I have been dying to organize my. entire. house. I don't know what it is that has given me this bug, but I have the organization bug and it's driving me nuts!

On Saturday Jonathan and I had a few hours together and we decided to do some spring cleaning/organizing. We cleaned out our pantry, wiped it down, and organized it. We also organized one of our cupboards.


Isn't it beautiful? Every time we open up the pantry we (mainly I) sigh and say "Man, it's so nice to have an organized pantry".

I got the ideas for the boxes from pinterest and I LOVE it! In the pic on pinterest all the boxes were labeled, I may get around to doing that, but that may be a little bit much. I had the boxes left over from when Cambria was super little and we didn't have a dresser. I put her clothes in them, thus the pink. Now she thinks it's fun to pull out everything in the boxes, so I had to find a new use for them. Ta-daaaaa!!!

In a perfect world everything would be in a seal-able container, no open 50 lbs bag of oats, or an un-opened 20 lbs bag of rice... Someday when we have it in the budget, we'll get containers for everything.

It felt so good to work on a project with Jonathan. We don't do it very often, but when we do I feel like we bond on a different level, and it brings us closer in a way that doing other things can't.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This weekend we went up to family's house in Wisconsin. I don't know what it is about this place but it makes my baby sleep HORRIBLY! (not the family's fault... just the situation I think). Today we drove back and as we did she slept for 2+ hours during the car ride. Then when we got home she slept again. Guess how long her nap was?!? Another 2+ hours!!! Thank goodness that she needed to catch up, cuz so did I!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Perfect Purse

I'm starting to wonder if it exists. I got a cute purse about a week ago with the remainder of my birthday money from my grandma (thanks grandma!) and I was really excited. It was by far the largest purse I have ever purchased... but it still wasn't big enough. GRRR. I have accepted the fact that I need a mom bag, but I thought I was buying a mom bag... I'm so over having a very obvious diaper bag... I want a bag that looks like a purse but can hold all of my mommy needs (which of course holds all of baby's needs too).

I think the toughest thing is I don't want a bag that will be a black hole. It needs lots of pockets, and it needs to be big, and it needs would be nice if it were... cute, and it NEEDS to be under 30 bucks, preferably under $25. I guess since I can't find one like this I should wait. I have been shopping a lot and I can't find one that fits the requirements. Maybe I can't find my bag because it's a sign that I actually don't have the money in the budget.

Monday, April 7, 2014

This Weekend

This moment didn't last long, but I got it on camera!



Cambria actually would stop and listen to the music in Conference, but then when the speakers got up she would too... That's ok. It's a start!

Mom and dad Kershaw also came up for the weekend! They are taking a vacation and decided to stop in! I loved having them here! There's something about family in our own home that is awesome! It's different than family coming to an apartment... Actually, by the end of the year, almost all of my family, and at least mom and dad K and maybe James and Sadie (from Jonathan's side) will have been to our house!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Where Have my Hips Gone?

I have pretty narrow hips to begin with, but when I'm pregnant, the small indent of my waste goes away (I assume because my organs have to go somewhere since my uterus is taking over) and my hips become nonexistent. I'm not fretting about how this looks... I'm fretting strictly from a functionality standpoint. I can no longer hold the laundry basket on my hip, it doesn't stay, I can't carry books in front of me and rest them on my hip...

This is one of the first signs of my getting bigger. I guess I'm just going to have to relearn how to hold things.

Honestly I find it humorous, when I'm in good spirits. I just have to laugh when things literally slide off my hips.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Before we bought our house I was slightly reluctant to commit because of a few things. First and foremost that there wasn't a bathtub. I love taking baths and as Cambria grows she's going to need to bathe somewhere besides the kitchen sink. Jonathan and I agreed that if we could be ok with a bathroom renovation then the house would be a good fit for us.

Well, the time has come. We have decided that before July, we will have a new bathroom! I couldn't be more excited! We have been blessed with a few opportunities to make a few extra bucks, so we have the money to renovate the bathroom and hopefully make it look a lot nicer than what we've got.

Speaking of changing our home, we have decided to add two feet to our home too. That won't happen till late September though...




IMAG0026That's right! Baby #2 is on it's way!! I'm 14 weeks and feeling good! I have been diagnosed with placenta previa, that's my scare for the pregnancy. Cuz, you know, it wouldn't be a normal pregnancy for me without a scare. We are so grateful that it's just that (even though it's not that great, it's much better than what it could have been).

I'm still not announcing it on facebook yet. Some of you may ask why I put it up here then, well, the answer is because my audience is much smaller. And because I want to blog about how I'm feeling for real, not just omit this part of my life from my blog life.

We are excited, and nervous, and overwhelmed (ok... It's just me that's overwhelmed)... but mostly excited. :)