Sunday, November 12, 2017

First primary program!

Cambria participated in her first primary program! I couldn't help but feel all the feelings as I saw her sitting up on the stand.

It's amazing to me how starkly different each child feels in front of people. Each child is unique, but somehow you get the same "types" of kids in every program 😊. Cambria sat next to one sunbeam who had the bright eyes and huge smile on her face the whole time. The other one took the more shy approach. They were all so cute!

Cambria seems to be very obedient in a classroom setting. I couldn't help but feel pride as she sang almost all the words to all the songs (which, by the way, was all her. I didn't work on the songs at all with her) and confidently said her part.

Many of my closest friends are moms to sunbeams, (and they are all the oldest kids too) and I couldn't help but look and see the pride on their faces too.

It's moments like this. Yay for good moments as a mom 😊