Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vacation-ing it up!

We are at the begining of (maybe mid begining) our big trip this summer! We went camping on Friday and Cambria LOVED it! We went with some friends that also have babies, so it was a trip full of her favorite things: outside, and friends. She actually only slept for about three hours on Friday night, but she did really well! Not a single break-down, and not a peep on the drive home. She fell asleep within the first two minutes of our drive home.

Now we are in Michigan visiting with Jonathan's uncle and aunt and their family. We'll be here for a few days and then we'll head down to Virginia for Jonathan's siblings first annual family reunion! We are pretty stoked! Get ready for pitures soon!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Sometimes I find it easy to get caught in the monotony of daily life. I found myself praying the other night to enjoy Cambria a little more, and to appreciate the cute things she does. It was a minuscule part of my prayer, and something I rarely pray for (but something I thought would be really nice to have).

Heavenly Father answers prayers.

I found joy watching her eat each individual noodle in her mac'n'cheese, and I cherished the uncoerced cuddle she gave me while we read stories. I thought it was adorable when I came out of the bathroom to find her in the hall, crying and saying my name while holding her head as if she were in serious distress.

She's a doll, and I love her a lot. I love her even more when I don't take these moments for granted.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Test Drive

So baby boy doesn't have a name yet, we have narrowed it down to three, William, Keelan, and Coulson. We had decided to wait till we meet him since each name sounds so different, and has such a different personality attached to it. But, it's so weird calling him "baby" all the time. Jonathan also brought up the point that waiting till we are in the hospital kind of seems like we would need to make a rushed decision... and he doesn't do well with decision making like that.
So... we are going to take each name on a test drive for a week. That's how we came to the name conclusion with Cambria. We decided to start with William, and we have been calling Baby that for a couple days, at the moment, neither one of us feels like it "fits", we just feel like it could... so we'll see if any of the other names stick. I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

this week

Friday Night Date Night: I watched Levi while Jonathan stayed home with Cambria, I think afterwards I showed him some pictures on Pinterest, does that count?

The bathroom remodel has taken over our week... we started on Wednesday and now it's Sunday and it's still not done. It's so wonderful to have a new bathroom though, and I CANNOT WAIT till it's done! I haven't done a thing to the bathroom, except watch Jonathan put in the toilet, and convince him that I can help by tightening some screws... I have gotten Cambria out of the way though, which Jonathan keeps reminding me is the best thing I could do to help. Thanks to Megan for letting us chill at your place, all. day. every. day this last week (since Wednesday). I'm so grateful that I have a friend that I'm comfortable enough with that I can ask that of her. I don't want to talk too much about it because I feel like that's all I have been doing on Facebook the past few days. When it's all done, I'll give a play-by-play, but I don't feel like it right now.

 Other than that, there's not too much to report. Sorry for the boring blog post.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Since this pregnancy is going well, and the Previa fixed itself, I have decided to switch to Midwives. I'm meeting with them today, and I'm really excited! I have heard really good things about these particular ones and I'm excited to have them there if I need them throughout my whole labor. I also am excited to try laboring in a tub! I love tubs! (just in case anyone is worried, I am still going to a hospital to give birth)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Braxton Hicks

I have been feeling Braxton Hicks for about a month now. WWWWAAAAYYYY earlier than when I was feeling them with Cambria. I don't know if I just recognize them now, since I know what a contraction feels like, or if I'm having them more frequently. I'm not too worried, because they say that a woman's uterus contracts throughout the entire pregnancy, it just takes a while for mommy to recognize the contractions.

I had quite a few today though, and when I have more than one in an hour I start to worry... I really don't want to go into pre-term labor, but no mom does, and I'm sure that's a common worry.

Waking up early

Every day this week (aside from the weekend) I tried to get up about a half hour before Cambria so I could do various things, shower, scriptures, etc. But, EVERY DAY this week she woke up either when I did, or a half hour before I did... What's up with that? I am not ok with this! The only thing that changed in her schedule was going down to one nap, but you would think that would make her sleep more during the night...

Friday Night Date Night

We were going to try to finish our puzzle, but we didn't start early enough. So... we played games. I'm almost always up for games!

We played this game twice, the first time Jonathan won. Buuut. The second time we played with two boards and I won! We also enjoyed dark chocolate covered pomegranates and pacoca (a Brazilian treat that Jonathan LOVES!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I don't know why I put my sewing machine away...

I cleaned up our office two nights ago and put my sewing machine away. The very next day I got it out to sew again... I'm not sure why I put it away in the first place.

Speaking of sewing... I have been doing a lot of that lately. I have been paid to do it a few times even! Sometimes that's fun, sometimes it takes the fun out of it. Here's a picture update of the things I have sewn.

This is the wedding dress (and friend of Jonathan's) I blogged about. This dress was a size 6, and fit somone 5'10, and this girl is a 00 and with 4 inch heels was about 5'2". It was a project, but it felt good to feel like I can still work on wedding dresses.

This car seat cover I made for my sister in law, and as I was making it I really felt like it wasn't her style, so I made her a new one (that I forgot to take a picture of) and sold this one! I love it, I think it's adorable!

These garters I made for another friend of Jonathan's. She's getting married this month and I told her I would make a veil for her, then out of the blue she asked if I could whip up a garter for her. So I did. I had a lot of fun doing it. (Above: the one she'll keep)
(Below: the one her husband will throw)

The veil I made. I'm not sure if I will ever make another one for money, it's not a lot of work but it's a ton of time! I love the way it turned out though.

 This dress is a perfect example of why I don't like sewing clothing. I bought this dress (that didn't have sleeves) thinking it would be a super quick, and very easy project. Nope. I failed to check the back of the dress and it has a sports bra type back which makes adding sleeves a lot more complicated. I probably spent a good 45 minutes figuring out a pattern that would be long enough (because the width of the shoulders wasn't good either) and work for the funky back. Then when I put it up to the fabric I cut off the bottom there wasn't enough fabric. So I made due with what I had and cut two sleeves. Then I realized I cut two left sleeves! GRRRR! Of course, I didn't have enough fabric to cut another sleeve, so I had to cut a sideways sleeve, which I knew would lay funny. When I put it on, it BARELY covered my shoulders and my garments... BOO! But I love the bottom of it, I just hate the top. Oh well, I'll probably still wear it. I think it will be a very comfortable summer prego dress, which is what it's supposed to be.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My favorite word

Cambria finally learned how to say "Momma" consistently during our trip to Philly. It has morphed into "mommy" and then it morphed into "Mommia" ... I love it!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pregnancy Progression for baby #2!

I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while. Enjoy:

 4 Weeks (when we found out we were expecting)
8 Weeks (if you look back at my other pregnancy progression I was wearing a similar outfit... ya I planned that) 
 13 weeks (forgot to get a 12 week pic)
16 Weeks.

I forgot to get a 20 week picture and now that I'm 23 it's just not going to happen. I'll get a 24 week next week though!

Dr. Fletcher

I took a quick trip to Philly this last month and saw my family. It's always so good to see them. We went out to support my oldest brother in his dental school graduation. He has worked long and hard and we are so proud of him. He is the first person on my mom's side of the family to get an advanced degree (higher than a bachelors), and only the third to get a degree higher than a masters on my dad's side.

Here's the picture proof that we went:

         On the first day of our adventures we left Nana and Grandpa with all the grandkids and went and met the newest member of our family. He was born just two days before we came. Kasch William Fletcher. He has more hair than almost all of his Fletcher cousins combined when they were born.

Such a beautiful baby!

Then we headed to Amish Village. It's like an outdoor mall almost. There are lots of little shops full of breakable things, so needless to say, with 7 kids under the age of 6, we didn't go in many.  

 I think this wagon is intended for merchandise... we found a better use for it.
 We ate lunch and a super yummy restaurant and all the kids got vouchers for free ginger bread cookies and access to a decorating station. Cambria didn't participate, but some of her cousins were nice enough to share part of their cookie and she seemed to really enjoy that.
 Just a cute picture of my cute baby.
 All the cousins that came. I think there were about 5 cameras going off at once. I think one of us got a picture of everyone looking at them... it wasn't me...
 Since the kids didn't like the shops too much, half of the adults stayed with the kids at the petting zoo/park and played. My understanding was that we would switch off, there was a shop with free tastes of all these amazing Amish delights (jam, pickles, etc). When my mom visited last year that was one of her highlights of the whole trip, so I was excited to taste them... but I must have misunderstood. They came back and were ready to go home. I didn't get to enjoy that part, but I got to spend some quality time with these cuties!

 This swing was funny, it was really high off the ground, so an adult could swing and not touch the ground. It looked a little funny, thus the picture.

 This was Cambria's favorite event, putting the mulch on the slide.
 on top of the wooden train
 inside the wooden train
 This is such a cute picture, she's such a doll
 She loved being in the top of the play area. Such a big girl.


There's the graduate himself. And, the proud momma!

 After the grad we decided to go to a place to eat. Apparently, anywhere you go in Philly in the afternoon there is an hour+ wait. I think we were quoted two hours... Luckily it was attached to a mall and there was an awesome play place. Even though it was after 8:00 (an hour past bed time) Cambee was having a blast!

Cambria got two naps in five days, as apposed to two naps in one day. ... so... by the end of the trip I had one cranky baby on my hands.

Saturday we walked around through Philly and Cambria cried through the whole walk. I was one stressed out momma! Thankfully Tony was a life saver and took her away from me so I didn't have to hear the screaming. 
Here's the proof that she wasn't that happy

All in all it was a wonderful trip! I'm so glad that we were able to go. Jonathan had to work last minute, so that was a bummer, but we still had fun.