Monday, November 12, 2018


This Halloween we did another family costume. Jonathan and I dressed up this year (last year we didn't dress up, but having a perfect pregnant belly made it impossible not to dress up).

Cambria decided that she wanted to dress up as Elsa from Frozen, so we all dressed up around her request. This will probably be the last year we will be able to convince everyone to comply with Cambria's dream Halloween costume. Corbin dressed up as Kristoff, Aveya was Anna, I was Olaf (the snowman) and Jonathan was Sven (the reindeer). We had a great time dressing up!

I got some fake hair for Cambria so she could have a big long braid. I had way too much fun doing her hair. It turned out that Aveya had long enough hair for two little pig tails, so cute!!!

Halloween in this neighborhood is seriously the best! Everyone sits out on their driveway with their friends and a big bowl of candy. Trick or treating starts around 6:00 and it's dead by 8:00. The kids went around the block (with both mom and dad) and then said they were both done. I wanted them to go for longer, but nobody wanted to keep going. I was so surprised! Cambria and Corbin actually really enjoyed handing out candy! So that was fun!

Here are what everyone is wanting; pictures.