Sunday, May 17, 2015

Corbin - 8 Months

**although this is posted when Corbin is 8 1/2 months, everything is written as if it were right when he turned 8 months (April 30)
Dear Corbin,
You are 8 months old! You have been out of mommy as long as you were in (since you came a month early). You are such a happy boy! You are finally starting to feel well on a regular basis (aside from the second ear infection you had). Even with your ear infection, you were still pretty chill, I wouldn't have caught it except you had a fever. I have found that you are like mommy, and you sleep when you don't feel well. So you slept a lot that week.

You are now finally starting to sit. You still don't sit for very long, but it seemed like one day you just figured it out.

You also have decided that you like rocking out! Both on your hands and knees, and also to music. You pushed yourself up on your knees this month, and now you really like to rock. I have a feeling it won't take long before you are crawling. You also do this awesome dance move. You like to rock from side to side over and over again. You do it when you are happy, so after you eat something yummy, or if you found a toy you really like, or when you catch someone giving you attention :).

Mommy also put you in the top of the shopping cart for the first time this month! You love being able to see when we go shopping! Cambria doesn't mind, because she has recently discovered that it's fun to sit inside the cart where all the food is.

You are a mover! You aren't scooting yet, but you definitely get around! You roll all over the place, I don't think you get where you want to go, but you get places :). It's time for mommy to really start sweeping a lot more often, and making sure small toys are put away.

We love you so much Corbin-Boy! We love seeing you grow and develop, and watching your personality emerge!

Mom and Dad

You still love any sort of cloth. It always ends up in your mouth!

This picture is a little blurry, but we borrowed this toy from a friend, and it shows the true joy this toy brought.

"woah guys... I'm sitting"

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cambria is observant!

Today we went on a walk. As we were walking, she saw a yong teenager (maybe even pre-teen) girl practicing her back bends. When we came home, she tried to do it.

I showed her how to Summersault instead... That's a little more developmentally appropriate.

As I was thinking about that tonight, I realized how much she is picking up and learning. It's a good thing, but i just need to be very aware of what I let her see and observe.