Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cute funny kids

Corbin loves to make people laugh. Today he was paying with Cambria and blew some raspberries on her tummy. He was legitimately making her laugh. Which gives him a lot of joy.

Some of the things that come out of Cambria's mouth make me laugh so hard because they are such grown-up things to say. I can't remember what she said today, but it is happening more frequently. *tears* my baby is getting bigger!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cute athletic kids

We did an obstacle course as part of our family home evening. It was fun to see the kids get up and move in ways they don't usually.

Cambria also dribbled a soccer ball for the fist time today at aerobics. I was so surprised with how much control she had over the ball considering her age etc.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cute big siblings

I have had so many cute kid moments today, I almost don't know what to pick. We talked a lot about Aveya today. We told the kids that when she is born they are going to get to play with other friends, Cambria was excited, Corbin got anxious. Poor kid.

I told them that if they talked to my belly, Aveya could hear them. Cambria got really excited, and immediately came over and said "hi Aveya! Hello!" Corbin came over too and said "bye-bye" and blew some kisses. They are cute.

Cambria often runs up to me and gives my belly a huge kiss. Then looks up at me with the biggest smile. She loves her sister already.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cute helpful kids

Today I made caramel popcorn balls for dessert for the missionaries. The kids really wanted to help, so I let them wrap the balls in cling wrap. It was nice to have a moment that we were all working together and not getting annoyed with each other.
It helped that we all got one piece of popcorn street each ball. Mmmm

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cute playing kids

Today we watched a friend's kids so they could go to the temple. Cambria really likes playing with other kids. The oldest boy is 6 and Cambria just plays so well with him! It's fun to see her have fun.

Corbin had a speech assessment, two therapists came over and played with him. It was fun to see how much he knew, and see that they were pleased with his development.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cute funny kids

Today Jonathan was talking to Cambria at dinner about where Cambria was when he was a kid. He told her she was in heaven, she had to digest that for a minute. Then Jonathan said "mind, blown"!  Without skipping a beat Cambria said (in all seriousness) "when I came here from heaven my mind was blowed out!" Lol! It hit both of our funny bones and we all laughed for a good few minutes!

Today I was with the kids and I was watching a video about why crunches were bad for flat abs. The lady on the video got down and did a crunch. Then, the next thing I know, Corbin is on the floor, doing a crunch! Have you ever seen a toddler do a crunch? It's pretty cute!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cute tender kids.

Sometimes Corbin well stop mid-play and notice my belly. Today it was right in the middle of sacrament meeting. He stopped what he was doing and rubbed my belly and made his tender baby sound. I think he is going to be a sweet big brother.

Cambria had a hard time right at the end of sacrament meeting. Jonathan took her out so as to not subject the congregation to her screams. Afterwards, he found me because she wanted me. I held her and she was sad, she just wanted to stay with me and not go to sunbeams. As I was trying to convince her that it would be more fun in primary, her (male) teacher came by and showed her the fun toys they got for them. She decided it would be more fun with her teachers. He asked her to come to primary and asked for a high five. She just cuddled up and have him a big long tender hug. She is a tender girl.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cute performing kids

Corbin has learned how to sing "let it go" (it comes out "a-go, a-go, a-a-a-go") today he was performing for us and we clapped for him. He just lit up! Then Cambria joined in. We asked her to teach Corbin how to bow. She showed him, and his interruption was patting his belly and then looking down. It's pretty cute!

Cambria loves dress-ups. She loves to see her skirt flow as she moves. I remember loving that too. She performed a modern dance for us. It was quite impressive :)

Jonathan's influence

Jonathan has been gone for 8 days. He got home yesterday evening. The first thing I noticed was how much more the kids laugh with him around. He is a fun guy, and he likes to be silly with the kids.

I love to see them be with him. He brings out a lot of good in them, a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and imagination.

I just love him

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cute talking kids

I've not been as good about keeping track of the cute things the kids are doing. But I have thought I'd then each night.

Yesterday I was talking to Cambria, trying to explain to her that now that I'm getting closer to having this baby, my body needs to rest more or I could hurt myself (by the end of the day sometimes, I have constant contractions, so really, I need to take it easy) then Corbin said "mommy! Owey!" I turned to him and confirmed. Then as he was saying a prayer later that day on the food, I prompted him to say "please bless mommy to have the energy she needs". Usually he just says "num num"the whole prayer (his go-to sound) but when I said that he said "mommy! Owey!"

Cambria is so good with Corbin when she wants to be. Corbin is trying to use more words, but they are really hard to understand. Cambria can talk to him and usually understand what he's trying to say. It's very sweet.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cute sympathetic kids

Yesterday I was in so much pain! I woke up and my entire abdomen was super sore and I felt shooting pain whenever I moved, or was touched. As the day progressed, my back started aching and contractions came and went.

I'm not very good at keeping pain inside... I'm kind of a vocal person, so I moaned and groaned a lot. Each of the kids came up to me multiple times a day and gave me the sweetest hugs, or stroked my head, out softly rubbed my belly. They are so sweet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cute helpful kids

Cambria may be turning a corner. For the past few days, she has been so helpful and compliant. Today I told her and Corbin at lunch that we would have quiet time right after lunch. So as soon as she was done, she cleared not only her plate, but mine and Corbin's, and then went into the playroom and played till the timer went off.

Jonathan also told me that she grabbed a chapter book off the shelf and told him that she needed to read how to be a better kid so she could be a better helper for when the baby comes.

Corbin is so cute. His imagination is starting to develop, and it's fun to see him imagine things with Cambria and me.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cute laughing kids

The kids played so much today! There were moments that they just laughed together. I love to hear them laugh! Seeing them play gives me hope that parenting isn't always going to be draining and hard. I even had thoughts of maybe having two babies close together again so Aveya can have a play mate like Cambria and Corbin do. Whoa-buddy! Slow down! :)

Side note: Cambria started sunbeams today! I think she's going to love it. And I think if I blink she's going to be graduating from primary. She looked so big today!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cute short haired kids

Cambria has been asking to cut her hair short for several months. She hasn't been adamant about it, but I decided to tell her I would the next time she asked.
Well she mentioned something yesterday. So today was the day. Although the actual cutting wasn't the best experience (she was ready to get down after I made the first cut into her hair, and I had to bribe her with Netflix and candy to keep her on the chair) the look on her face when she saw her short hair, and the hug she gave me, almost made it worth it ;)

Corbin has started asking for both daddy and me too help him go potty. Now that he's sleeping, it's kind of cute that he wants both of us. In the moment, I'd rather him make a choice, but it's endearing.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cute kids

Cambria was playing with Jonathan and told him she ate his ears. Then she tried to talk to him and he kept saying "what? I can't hear you, my ears are gone!" Then she started moving her lips without her voice! Haha! We both got a kick out of that. Smart girl.

Corbin got a fever today, poor kid. I feel like he can't catch a break! But he was so sad, and cuddly, it was sweet to be able to just hold him and love on him a bit. He still is my baby for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cute sleeping kids

There is something truly sweet about sleeping kids. There's something sweeter if they are your own.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cute kids bouncing

I took out my exercise ball yesterday so I could have something to sit on that doesn't hurt me as much. Cambria insisted that I blow it up today. The kids have been very good to remind me that I should sit on that over anything else :)

I like to bounce on it, so it was only natural to bounce with Corbin while he was on my lap. He LOVED it. Cambria wanted in on the fun and she LOVED it too.

I love moments when we are all genuinely laughing.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cute kids playing

Cambria played so well with Corbin today. It was so cute to see them interact and pay pretend with each other!

Corbin is starting to talk a lot more. I love hearing him try new words.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cute observant kids

Today Corbin noticed that I clicked my tongue when I said hi to him after church. He then clicked his tongue and touched my nose. This started a little game which made both of us giggle.

Cambria noticed that I say "aww" after the kids give me something. The kids read a story in the friend about sharing love for others, then made hearts and gave them to each other. So I made a few. When I gave Cambria the one I made for her, she looked at it and said "aww" just like me.

Cute observant kids!