Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doctor's appointment today, and life outside of baby

We went to the doctor today and he said everything looks good. I still am bleeding, but he said that there aren't any major concerns (or any besides the blood). I'm really not bleeding that much, so I think we'll pull through!

We heard the heartbeat today! That eased my mind a lot!

I also have been feeling the baby move already! The first time I felt it move was last Thursday. It's kind of funny because I don't notice that it's the baby till a good 10-15 seconds later, by then it's too late to really get excited about it. I also can feel my uterus (is that weird that I get excited about that?) it's on my right side, so when I lay flat on my back my abdomen is lopsided. I had Jonathan feel it this morning, I don't think he really wanted to, but I had him feel it anyway! I am super excited that it's big enough to identify :)

We get to find out the gender in 4 weeks (September 28)! We're going to wait till then to post anything on facebook ... fyi...

Life outside of baby is good too! I forgot to mention that Mr. Penguin (the other bridal store, the one that offered me a position) called on the 21 or so and said that his part timers wanted more hours, and he couldn't give me the hours I needed. So he retracted his offer. Honestly I wasn't too disappointed because I wasn't too excited about the job in the first place. I also was right in the middle of moving my stuff, and I have had a lot of other things on my mind since then. Chiffon is supposed to get back to me soon, she said that she wouldn't even know if she had a position available till the end of the month, so I won't start being concerned till about Wednesday or Thursday next week.

Jonathan is still liking grad school. He isn't very busy this semester which I really appreciate. He has been amazing during this last week. He has made all the meals, and done all the dishes and laundry. He's awesome, and I'm super grateful for him.

I think I might start actively applying for different jobs next week. If I can get up and out by then... If I have stopped bleeding. I'm thinking since I only have a few months to work, that I'll just apply for places that are used to a lot of turn over. Maybe Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or we passed Pier 1 Imports today (That would be an AMAZING place to work), so hopefully someone is hiring. The holiday season is coming up, so if nothing else, I can work during the busy season as a temporary employee.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last Friday when I called the Dr. He told me a few things to do. He said I had to be on pelvic rest till I have a full 24 hours bleeding-less, and to avoid heavy lifting. I never know what that means because when my sister in law (Ashley) was pregnant with Zoey, she wasn't aloud to lift anything heaver than a milk jug. That's not very heavy.

When I was talking to mom Kershaw, I told her that I was probably going to take that a step further and just take it easy till I stopped bleeding. She said that was a good idea. So for 4 days going on 5, I have been mostly sitting, or laying down. Yesterday though, a new development happened. Along with cramping, and not feeling very good, it was rather uncomfortable to sit. So the only comfortable position I had was to lay down, flat, on my left side.

There aren't very many things you can do while laying flat... reading is uncomfortable, crocheting is out of the question (I figured I'd make a blanket for baby, since I had to be taking it easy)... so I have resorted to resting (which you can only do so much of) and watching movies, and getting very very bored on facebook. If anyone has suggestions of things I could do while laying flat on my side... please let me know :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Update again...

This whole situation has been a roller coaster. I was doing so well the last couple of days! I was on the mend, my body was healing (which it takes a couple days to fully heal), but I had a relapse today... which worries me. I am trying so hard to be positive about this one, and keep my faith strong, and my attitude optimistic, but sometimes it's just hard.

I really hope this roller coaster ends well, and doesn't crash like the last few. But... if it does, I'll cry a lot, and then get over it and try my best to keep my head up. Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Warning: Still info about bodily functions
My little scare hasn't gone away yet, and it's starting to worry me. I bleed once a morning (with every morning urination) and it trickles out during the day, but the past two days it has come back.
Something small happened like this happened last time. I really hope this isn't a repeat.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little scare

WARNING: this post talks about bodily fluids and blood.

I woke up this morning around 2:30 with an urge to go to the bathroom (which is becoming more of a common occurrence). This time though, I felt moist, and I felt my pj pants and they were wet too... not a good sign. I went to the bathroom, and to my surprise I had leaked fluid (clear for the most part) with a bit of blood. I woke Jonathan up and called my after hours doctor (I had my first appointment with my new dr's office on Tuesday; talk about perfect timing (that's a big blessing)) and he asked if I was currently bleeding, which I wasn't. He also asked if I was cramping, no on that account too. I felt fine, except I was a tad worried. He told me that it could probably wait till the clinic opened at 8:00, and told me to call them when they opened.

At the clinic, I met the doctor and he did an ultrasound. I was so worried that my water had broken or something. But I was hoping that it was just a UTI or bladder infection or something fixable. When he looked at the ultrasound the first thing he said was "wow! That is a great amount of fluid. That's a great size sac." (which probably meant that he thought my water had broken too) I felt instant relief, also because our little baby was moving a lot! He checked the heart beat, and then spent about 3-5 minutes just looking at the baby, showing us the umbilical cord, the brain development, it's little arms and hands, and legs and feet! While he was doing that, he was talking to us about our concerns, and addressing almost all of them. I was so happy! I was so grateful! I had prepared myself for the worst, and thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.

He said that from what he could see, he doesn't know why I was bleeding, or what the fluid was. (I know that I didn't wet the bed... it was something uncontrollable.) He said that everything looks great though.

I'm so grateful that this was just a little scare, and everything is ok. I'm grateful for the answer to our prayers that this baby is still growing and progressing. I'm grateful for all of the prayers of friends and family! There is a power and strength in numbers!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm a baker!

I don't know who reads this that isn't immediate family, but for those of you who aren't, I'd like to share my most recent baking experience.

I have tried baking a few things in my day, some turn out fine and some don't turn out that great. The last little bit I have tried my hand at baking buns... The first few attempts didn't turn out that great. But, I'm happy to report that this bun in the oven is baking just right! It's not very far in the baking process, but from what we can see (and hear) things are going well!

... If you haven't figured it out... I have a bun in the oven, in MY oven. :)

Wait, would that make Jonathan the baker, and I'm the oven?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Work update

So ever since I knew we were moving to Indiana (and before actually) I was looking at bridal shops that I could potentially apply at. There are two in the area. Chiffon Formal, and Bridal Boutique and Mr. Penguin's Tuxidos.

Chiffon carries the exact same dresses that I worked with in Provo (Bonus!) and I really love these designers. I contacted them first, about two months ago and sent in my resume and cover letter. I got a call from them a few weeks later saying that they would like to meet with me when I moved out here. I contacted them as soon as I could and had an interview with Connie (the manager/owner) today. As soon as I drove up I got really excited! The window displays were breath-taking! I walked in and the store was beautiful! Everything was beautifully organized, and displayed. ... Needless to say I was happy to be interviewing with them. By the end, Connie said she liked me, and was pretty open with me that she won't know till the end of the month if they have a spot available. It seems like they are a great fit with my selling technique, and my values, I would LOVE to work there. I was hoping I would know sooner because I wanted to start before the end of the month.

Mr. Penguin is the other store I applied at. I applied with them about a month ago and we have been in contact almost ever since. Frank (I think) called me to ask a few questions about my resume really soon after I submitted it, and we talked for a few minutes. He called me about a week later and asked if we could do a phone interview because he has a position available and wants to see if I was a good fit. At the phone interview we talked about our selling strategies and other things for over an hour! He was also very honest with me and said I seemed to be a good fit. I felt really good about it as well, I felt like I would be a good fit as well. He did everything but offer me a position over the phone (I'm not saying this to be boastful, I promise). I got a call from them today and I'm going in to interview again tomorrow. Basically to see the store, and to make sure I'm not some creeper or something.

I was told (both by Chiffon, Fred, and from what I saw on their website) that they work with brides that have a bit of a stricter budget. I totally understand that, I had one too, but I'm wondering if I want to try to work at the higher end store (Chiffon). Mr. Penguin does sell gowns that are up there price-wise but they also have gowns as low as $45. I worked with a lot of brides that were on a strict budget in Provo, and not to say anything bad about them, but I enjoyed putting girls in gowns that I thought were the most beautiful in the store. Granted, I don't want to work at a place that has gowns for $10,000 or anything crazy like that, but somewhere I don't feel like I have to apologize for the appearance of the store (I felt that way sometimes about Bridal Center). Does that make any sense?

So... I have a dilemma. I guess time will tell what I decide to do, and if I even get an offer from both companies.

Just thought I would update everyone.

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain...

Today neither Jonathan or I had anything to do so we decided to hang out together! I had an interview today (oooohhhh! I want the job so bad!!! Maybe I'll tell it in another post) and it was pouring outside!! By the time we both got home it was barely drizzling. I wanted to stay inside and play board games, and Jonathan wanted to go explore Lafayette. I expressed my concern with the rain and he kindly dismissed my concern. He seemed like he really wanted to go, so we went.

While we were out the storm came back in! It started to dump on us, and it was really windy! It wasn't too cold though. I could have made the most of it and splashed in the puddles, but I wasn't up for that. We still had fun though, talking about the future, Jonathan about Purdue, and me about this interview I had. At one point the lightning was so close that it startled us both! The thunder was so loud I literally felt like I needed to take cover!

When we got home we dried off and relaxed for the rest of the day. We haven't had a day like that in a while. It was a nice change, that I need to not take for granted, because I'm sure once the kiddo's come along, we will rarely, RARELY have days like this.

I love my hubby, especially when he takes time to relax with me.

PS. That has nothing to do with Pina coladas, but ya know... I had to put it. It was a catchy title.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggitty jig.

We're here! It's now been three full days and so far so good. We like the ward we're in, it feels like a real family ward as apposed to a family ward where everyone is a college student. There is a good mix of ages and stages in life. It's kind of interesting because the building itself is extremely similar to my stake center growing up (Adam and Janelle's ward building) and Jonathan's home stake center too... So that's fun.

As for our apartment, we really like it! We have brand new carpets and brand new paint. It still smells a bit (from the new paint), but what can ya do? We keep the windows open as much as possible, and try to air it out as much as we can. We have a really big living room, and the biggest bedroom we've ever had! The down side is we have a "closet kitchen" as my sister Amy calls it (we skyped her and I showed her). It's pretty small, it's probably the smallest kitchen I have ever lived with. It's actually kind of funny because all of the cupboards are pretty high, and they aren't very Melissa-friendly. We are going to have to get a stool so that I can reach all of the things I need to get to.

All of our furniture and belongings are now on a moving truck and we should be getting them on Tuesday!!!! Thanks to some awesome men in our life, the trailer is packed. And we only used half the space we thought we'd need, so that saved us a bunch of money! Always a bonus!

Well, that's the update. Hopefully the next blog post will be pictures of our apartment all furnished and everything! And hopefully I'll have news about my new job! (I'm waiting on the managers of two bridal shops to call me). We're still very excited to be here, and we're excited to start this new adventure!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last night in Athens

I just want to say that as soon as I posted my last post, my anxiety and stress went away and it's been pretty smooth ever since. Jonathan has a way of making my stresses all better. I posted that right when he got home, and I told him what I was stressing about and within ten minutes we had a new plan of action that felt a lot better than anything I had come up with on my own. Thank goodness for husbands. They help a lot!

Well, tonight is our last night here, and I am having mixed feelings. I have made some good friends out here, and I'm sad that we're not going to be around to develop them further. I have also enjoyed going to sleep when I want and waking up when I wake up. It's a beautiful thing that probably won't ever happen again. But I'm SO excited for this new adventure! Once we get our stuff, I'll be really excited! We got a hold of someone who is in the ward out in Lafayette and they are going to let us borrow an air mattress till we get our bed (thank goodness!) and so all we need are some pots and pans and we'll be good... or so we think. We just remembered that we don't have electricity in our name... so... it'll be an adventure to say the least. Once we get internet and power, I'll update how we like it out in our new home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I will be really excited when I'll be done with moving. For some reason, this has been super stressful and we haven't even moved yet! That's all... It'll just be nice when it's all over