Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guess What Cambria Can Do?!?!?

"Guess what I did today daddy" Cambria would say if she had any sort of decent nap yesterday.
"OOOhhh! What did you do today?" Daddy would say
"I sat, all by myself. For a LONG time"
"Wow! What a big girl you are! What a big girl you are!" Because every daddy and mommy repeats themselves several times adding more expression each time when talking to babies.

Although the words coming out of Cambria's mouth may not be true (mommy may have said them), everything else was completely true! Unfortunately, since she didn't have any decent naps yesterday, she was too cranky to show off her new trick to daddy. Hopefully today. Hopefully I'll be able to either get a picture, or a video soon!


  1. She is growing up!! Pretty soon it will be crawling and then standing, then walking. She is a clever little girl and there is nothing slow about her. She is also a beautiful little girl. What more could you hope for????

    Love you all.
    Grandma F.

  2. In my yard!!! This is a great post, Melissa. You forgot to mention that she would be smiling and cooing adorably. Also, the cookies you made me are delicious. xo