Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm addicted

I came to the harsh realization this week that I'm addicted to Facebook. It's bad, and I need to change my habits. I seriously considered canceling my account, but it's such a great way to stay connected with people I care about. Especially people in my family (because my siblings and mom rarely, if ever, read my blog) it's how I keep them updated about Cambria, and how I learn what's going on in their lives (aside from calling, of course).

I need to figure out a way to not spend so much time on it. I thought about deleting all of my friends except for my close friends and family. But then I run the risk of having to deny friendships of a lot of people, and it's always just a bit awkward.

Apparently you can manage who can post in your news feed. But that's a long and tedious process.

These are my options of how to decrease my time on Facebook. I can't limit myself to once a day, I have tried that and it doesn't work. I can't say that I can't check it before a certain time, because that doesn't last. Jonathan suggested only allowing myself to get on every other day. That may work.

I have been just avoiding it all together this week and I must say I haven't missed it. Except I'm starting to feel a few withdrawals today... Probably because my new sister in law text me and told me she sent me the link to her wedding pictures... Oh man! I want to see those so bad! I'm going to hold out for the rest of the week! I will do it!

Does anyone have any other brilliant suggestions on how to decrease facebook time? What works for you? I'm really needing some help here.


  1. Just an hour once a week would do it. And a list of what you want to check out. And a timer, set for 50 minutes, then 8 more, then 2 more. You can do it! :)

    As far as the blog goes, you can sign up your mom and siblings on a mailing list to get a weekly synopses of your blog. Adam know about that stuff. :)

  2. When I "punish" myself because I miss one of my weekly goals, I have to go two days without any social media. Woof. But I agree with Jonathan. Maybe every other day would help. Hey, how about this. I'm an addict, too. From one addict to another, why don't we hold each other accountable for only getting on every other day (or something like that). I have a tendency to get on multiple times a day because I can't think of something else to do. We can make a list of alternatives to FB and keep each other accountable. Sound bien?:)

  3. I'm not on very often - so having my family in an "immediate" family group where it only shows me what they've posted has been wonderful for me!!!