Friday, April 3, 2015

Labor and Exercising

So when I was in labor with Cambria, a technique that really helped me get through labor was to ask myself if I could handle one more contraction, don't worry about the next few hours, just focus on getting through one more contraction.

Today, while I was at Zumba, my body wanted to stop about 15 minutes into my work out (unfortunately, that's not uncommon for me... I'm not in very good shape). But I had an epiphany today! I asked myself "can you do one more song full out? Don't worry about the next 45 minutes.... just do one more song". Let me tell you what, it worked! I did a full blown, hard core workout for a good 45 minutes (when I usually poop out after maybe 15)! Go me!!

I felt so empowered throughout my workout... just like how I feel during labor. (I know... I know... I'm one of those crazy women who likes labor, and feels empowered by going through labor pains)

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  1. That is what I do at Zumba, too! Sometimes I love it, but on the days when I just want to quit, I do the whole "just one more song" too!"