Monday, April 20, 2015

This is Going Down in History

Everyone has stories that they will never be able to live down. Well, tonight we experienced one. You best be believing this will be told at Cambria's wedding.

So, Cambria can climb into Corbin's crib. We didn't think this was a problem (besides potentially keeping him up, which happened last night), but today she proved us wrong. After bedtime, the kids were laughing and playing with each other, a common occurrence. Since Cambria had gotten out of bed earlier, the door was closed so we didn't know what was going on til it was too late. We heard her get out (or in, we couldn't decide) of the crib, so we decided to open the door and remind her to stay in her bed.

When I opened the door she was out of the crib and walking toward me. The stench of poop filled the air. I thought that she had pooped, so I went into the room. Cambria said something (I don't remember what it was) and pointed to Corbin. I looked at him (don't forget that it was dark) and his pajamas were off... I looked at Cambria and said "You took Corbin's sleeper off?" and she responded "yeah, diaper too!" ... UUUMMMM.... I looked a little closer, and sure enough he was completely naked. When I walked over to the crib there was poop all over the sheet! Then I looked at my super happy, smiley boy. Yep, he was covered in poop!

Thankfully Jonathan was available for back-up. He took Corbin and cleaned him up. **side note** he was covered in poop everywhere but his butt! He had it on his face, arms, back, feet... but his diaper area was clean. Weird. I was on crib clean up. I turned on the light, and oh man! It was everywhere! On the crib railings, on the wall... but strangely it wasn't anywhere on Cambria, or on Corbin's sleeper which was in the crib. I took the sheet off, and remembered that I had JUST switched Corbin's sheet right before he went down to bed. Which means I didn't have a clean sheet to put on the bed (because we only have two sheets)...

You know when you are beyond the point of frustration? When you just have to laugh at the situation? Thankfully we were there, Cambria was in tears just at the reaction of surprise that I had, so I think she felt bad about it... So there was no lecturing, or yelling, or tears on my part. I was so perplexed, I didn't even know what to do to punish her so I turned it into a teaching moment (or something)... I told her to stay in bed, and that she should never do this again, that this was a bad choice. I told her to never take a diaper off of a baby, and explained why babies wear diapers. I think she got the point.

I sure hope so.

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  1. Oh man! Totally one of those stories that should go down in history. That's hilarious, and yet so awful. Thanks for sharing!