Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm 27... weird

This year I turned 27, with each birthday that passes, the more perplexed I am that I'm actually an adult. I don't really feel like an adult. I feel like an 18 year old playing house.

The day started off with Waffles! Jonathan didn't tell me that he was planning on making them, but I was hoping there was some sort of plan for breakfast. Although I don't mind eating oatmeal every day, I didn't want to eat oatmeal on my birthday. One of the best gifts was given first thing in the morning. I walked into the kitchen, and Cambria said "Happy!" with a big smile on her face. Then daddy came over and helped her with the rest. She said "Happy birthday mommy!" That totally made my day!

Jonathan stayed around a little while in the morning, and that was so nice to have him around! When he went to work, it felt a lot like a normal day. Weird how when you get older, your responsibilities stay the same, even on your birthday...

I did get bombarded with thoughtful texts from friends and family, and lots of people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook. That made me feel good! I even got a call from a few people! I love talking to people so that was nice to have them remember me!

When Jonathan came home, he made Cafe Rio for dinner! (Actually he spent a lot of time both the night before, and in the morning prepping for it, when he came home, all he had to do was cut up some lettuce)

Look at that! Doesn't that just make your mouth water? I'm salivating, just remembering it...

Then he cleaned up dinner and we put Corbin to bed. We decided to let Cambria join in the birthday fun, so that she actually knows what a birthday is (I told her it was my birthday and she kept saying "I come! Shoes on...").

So we whipped out this beauty!

It really doesn't get much better than that! Seriously!! I have yet to find another food item that brings me more joy than Skor cake! (Side note, I was eating some earlier this week (after my birthday) and I had the most amazing bite! It really made me stop, close my eyes and melt a little... Then I had the thought, I sincerely hope everyone has a food item that brings them this does) Cambria really enjoyed her piece too. Then it was present time... Cambria really didn't understand that the presents were for me. 

Jonathan got me an Mp3 of Calee Reed's Cd... No big deal, I have just been obsessing over her for a month! He did a good job! He also gave me a choice to get a book I wanted or a gift card to a restaurant so I could go out to lunch sometime. 

It was a really good, chill birthday! 


  1. Happy Birthday Missy. Glad it was a good one

  2. You've got a wonderful family - - - for a wonderful girl!!!! How I love that you can see the little things and enjoy them so much! Love you