Sunday, April 5, 2015

Time Out For Women

I went to Time Out for Women this year and it was amazing! I have never thought about going (or even bringing it up with Jonathan, since it's kind of expensive), but then a friend was trying to get the group discount, and so I put some thought into it. That was the push I needed to seriously consider it.

I decided to buy myself an early birthday present and go. Oh, what an excellent pay off the initial investment was!

I was feeling spiritually warn thin, and heaven knows I needed some time away from my kids. It was a perfect bucket filler for both of those needs of mine.

Some of my take home messages:

- A true measure of how converted we are is how we love and treat others- John Bytheway
- Get on your knees, get help, then get up and go - John Bytheway
- Sometimes our work isn't our best work, and it's not something we are happy with. But it's sufficient for the Lord's work. - Heidi Swinton
- We all need to really realize who we are, and then act accordingly. - Elaine S. Dalton
- Strengthen your faith every day, even if it's just during a 5 minute prayer or scripture study - Elaine S. Dalton
- Service outside of the home is well and good, but DO NOT serve outside of the home at the sacrifice of the inside of the home. - Elaine S. Dalton
- Sometimes with motherhood we need to lower the bar and be awesome. - Lisa Valenteen Clark (stop expecting unrealistic expectations, just realize what you can do and be awesome at that)
- if we are responding to our kids, and filling their needs, then we are doing enough - Lisa Valenteen Clark
- A wise woman renews herself - Laurel C. Day (quote from Neil A. Maxwell I believe)
- There is a common theme in discipleship... in order to be a disciple, we need to leave and let go of something. - Laurel C. Day
- (in regards to working on weaknesses - "sometimes it's hard") Pick your hard - it's either going to be hard to live with your weakness, or hard to overcome it... either way it's going to be hard. - Laurel C. Day
- Weakness is weakness (so don't judge other's weaknesses) we all need to change
- Steps to overcoming weakness - Laurel C. Day
  - make a daily promise (something you know you can keep)
  - Just be patient
  - don't compare
  - just do something
  - Pick your montra
  - some parts of discipleship require a hard walk
Happy People: (Hank Smith)
  - surround themselves with happy people
  - think happy thoughts
  - spend money on others
  - have deep IN-PERSON conversations
  - laugh
  - use the power of music
  - exercise and have a healthy diet
  - unplug and go outside (even for as short as 20 minutes a day will drastically improve your mood)
  - meditate - take time to stop and breath
- if things were different... you would still be the same - Hank Smith (more on that later)

It was so amazing!!! I had such a great time with the ladies I went with too!
This is Calee Reed! She is one of my new favorite people! She was the guest singer and is AMAZING!!! I was so inspired by her! (more on that later too)

(I took other pictures, but for some reason they aren't where I thought they were, and it's late, so I'll edit this post when I can get them where I need them)

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