Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mom! Hair!

Corbin really likes to grab things. (I think you know where I'm going with this). He will grab your face and grab it off if he could.
Well, grabbing hair is no different. The other day he was in the exersaucer and Cambria went over to play with him (I swear, putting him in there is an invitation for Cambria to play with it. She won't touch it at all if he's not in there, but the second he is in there, she is all over that toy!) They were both happy, so I left the room to go do my hair. The next minute, I heard "mom... mom... hair", when I registered what she was saying I ran over... that could get bad, real fast!
When I came in Cambria was bent over the toy and Corbin had two fist fulls of hair!Yeah... There's no way Cambria was escaping that one...

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