Sunday, April 19, 2015

Corbin Month 5, 6, and 7

Mommy has done a really bad job at staying on top of your monthly growing pictures and milestones.

Month 5
You are starting to laugh... you get really close, you smile really big, and you kick your legs, and then there is just too much happiness for your body and you let out a little laugh. It's probably the cutest thing ever.

You have the most beautiful eyes! I could look at them all day! I'm really hoping you will have green eyes. Even if you don't, you have beautiful eyes!

You are starting to move, you still hate tummy time, you can't really lift your head for very long, but you sure can move your feet!
The biggest change that happened this month is that we started you on Soy based formula. You really have had a hard time with eating up to this point, and you have been quite uncomfortable for a lot of the day. So we tried it for a few weeks and the change was amazing! I felt like I had a consistently happy boy! I know you have a happy disposition, but you just seem so uncomfortable all the time! Now we know why!
 You love grabbing things. You have discovered mommy's hands, and sometimes you just grab them and stare at them. It's pretty cute.

Month 6

You are a CHAMP at eating solids! We were a bit worried because you have had such a hard time with nursing, and keeping food down, but you really like rice cereal!
You have started rolling both from back to front and front to back! You now can get off the blanket we set you on... Life beyond the blanket is quite an adventure :)
You now laugh a good belly laugh! It's so adorable!!! Cambria is definitely the best person to get you to laugh. Laughs don't come easy, (you often just smile really really big) but when they do come they are music to my ears!
You got your first ear infection this month :(

Month 7

I feel like the majority of this month both you and Cambria have had a cold, or some form of the flu bug... It hasn't been the best of months for us!
You finally started sleeping on your tummy (which I am so grateful for, because you kind of have a flat head in the back, and I would love for that to work itself out... but it can't unless you spend more time on your tummy)
You are also sharing a room with Cambria, most of the time you two don't stay up too late... You do pretty well sleeping through her screams (whether they be at night from a bad dream, or when she is trying to get our attention after we put her to bed)
You are still a champion eater!!! We have yet to find a food that you won't eat! I'm so grateful for that!!

These past few months have been major milestones. You still aren't sitting yet, but you sure are getting close. You love to play with toys! Actually, you love to play with just about anything you can get your hands on. Your favorite non-toy items to play with is any type of fabric or cloth, and crunchy plastic (like the movable plastic that makes a lot of noise. Like your wipes container. I keep a good eye on you when you find plastic)

You are such a joy. You are such an amazingly happy boy when you feel well. I'm so grateful we figured out the formula thing, you really are so much happier on formula, and mommy is much less stressed out!

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