Saturday, October 20, 2012

Worlds Shortest Ward Party

We went to a ward party last night; it was a Chili cookoff. We got there about 10-15 minutes late because I thought it started at 7, but it started at 6, so we had to change our plans for what we were going to bring. When we got there, the line was half way around the gym (apparently our ward is very punctual... now we know).
At about 7:15 the Elders Quorum Pres stood up and announced the winners of the chili contest and then someone said the closing prayer. By 7:30 all the tables and chairs were put away. We were really shocked, most ward parties last a little longer than that, and once everything is put away people stay and chat... not this ward! Everyone had bedtimes to keep to (for their little ones, or that's what we're assuming) so a lot of the ward was gone once it was cleaned up.


  1. That actually sounds really nice to me. I guess I'm a boring old person with kids. Soon you will be too! :)