Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby projects

I finished a couple baby projects in the last few weeks. Let me share some picture goodness with you.

[caption id="attachment_166" align="alignnone" width="300"] This is the first blanket I have ever successfully completed! I started when I was on self diagnosed bed rest for about a week. It was really fun to do. Oh, and no this is not an announcement that we are having a boy, I just happened to have those two colors of yarn, so I started with a blue one, and if I need to make a pink one, I won't mind at all.
This is the full blanket, it is straight on the left side, I just didn't straighten it before I took the picture.
It's my diaper bag! I'm so in love with it! oh, and if you look really closely, you can see my little belly poking out of my cardigan. I think I might have grown since my "pop" post
It has the capability to be a side bag, across the body bag, or a backpack! Love it! Seriously, I was so excited about it when it was coming together. I can't wait to fill it. Neither can Jonathan, it's super cute to see how excited he's getting. (We also tested the strap for Jonathan, it works for him too.)
These next few pictures are detail pictures. BAH! I love it!!! (Can you sense my excitement?)
Changing flap/pocket. The polka dot fabric are two big pockets for wipes and diapers. I'm also planning on making a changing pad to match, that will slide into the flap when it's closed.
Lots of pockets in the inside
A big pocket I added in the back. In the pattern, the backpack straps were also attached by D-rings, but I have heard that is uncomfortable to wear, so I made two straps, and the pocket is there for when I want to carry it with the shoulder strap, I can just tuck in the backpack straps in there. Also I can see myself using it for papers that I need easy access to, or books etc.[/caption]


Oh, and 4 days till we find out the gender. I. Can. Not. Wait.


  1. Love it!! It turned out really well! I think you may be able to understand why I like sewing so much. Crafts are more fun than making clothes.:)

  2. SO CUTE! I LOVE IT TOO! Oh! So cute! We'll never get over this, will we?

    And so handy too!

    And then, the baby will be even CUTER THAN THAT! And YOU'RE cute! And Jonathan is going to but such a cute dad. Ah! Simply, overwhelming, cuteness.

  3. What pattern did you use for your diaper bag? It is totally cute! I'm so excited to know what you are having, too! We miss you guys. Wes still asks to go to your house sometimes.

  4. It wasn't a free one, but the instructions are so easy to follow. The most time consuming part for me was making the pattern pieces, (all it had was "cut 2 16"x16" square pieces for front and back" and I didn't trust my cutting skills, so I made pattern pieces, and it helped, but it took FOREVER!
    The link to the website is then click on purses and bags tab and it's the "Classic for mom's" bag. I would just get the downloadable PDF version since there really aren't any pattern pieces. They do sell a hardware kit for $10 which I got, and it saved me from having to find all the different hardware. I liked having that. It made it easier, and I'm sure I couldn't have bought the hardware in such small increments (if that makes any sense). Also the pattern has you put fusible interfacing on all the pieces and then on top of that put the fusible fleece... I bought a heavier duty fabric to begin with, so I thought that was a bit overkill, so if you go that route, you don't need to buy the amount of fusible interfacing that it calls for. I only used a yard. Oh! and I also got a little more fabric than it called for because I added the back pocket, and I'm going to make a matching changing pad.
    Wow, I hope you understood my rambling :)
    We miss you guys too! Tell Wes hi for me! And if you guys are ever in West Lafayette, you are more than welcome to stop over :)

  5. You should totally try selling these on Etsy. I LOVE the backpack option.