Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!

Ok guys. Tomorrow is the day!!! We find out the gender! I should have done this last week, because not everyone is a blog-a-holic like me, and they don't check the blog every day. But for those of you who happen to check it before I post about the gender tomorrow, feel free to comment about your guesses. Is this baby a boy or a girl?

I can't say you will get anything besides bragging rights. But those are always fun to get!

I'll post what some members of my family have already guessed

Mom Watterson: Girl
Amy Millar: Girl
Tacy Olson (cousin): Boy
Me: I'm in the air, but I'm going to guess girl. I was going to guess boy just so that if it was a boy I wouldn't be too let down (even though I would seriously be so happy if it was a boy), but I can't get baby girl thoughts out of my mind. So the guess is girl. I also can usually go by where the mom carries the baby, but since I'm still not really showing, that doesn't work for my guess... someday, someday I'll be showing.
Jonathan: (yes, I finally got him to make a guess. He's the type that he doesn't like to guess/suspect something if he has no control over it. Also, if he doesn't have any control over it, he'll guess the thing that has the most probability to be right, but since this is seriously 50/50 it was a hard choice for him.) Girl

What do you guys think?


  1. Girl for sure!! I used a needle over your picture, it is next best thing with your not being here, besides with that beautiful picture who could fail. I used Jonathan's picture too just for good measure. Your wrist wasn't quite visible, but your hand was, his was and there is no question, it's a girl!! Just kidding!!!! It is a girl for certain, however. Love you!! Grandma F.

  2. Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but my gut tells me it's a girl. If it turns out to be a boy, though, that doesn't mean my gut feelings aren't always right. :)

  3. I think it's a boy. But I can't wait to find out! :) I will be awaiting the anticipated news! Loves!

  4. I would have guessed boy, because that's what babies come in, right?

  5. Hey, you ripped off my joke :)

  6. lol. I didn't even realize that till just now. I had that idea several years ago, when I saw a girl baby announcement that started out "Boy, oh Boy". No ripping off intended :)