Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chicago and Labor day

This weekend we took a trip up to Chicago. Some of our friends from Missouri were up there for a business trip, and invited us to hang out with them on Friday night. Jonathan was pretty excited about meeting up with Jordan, of all the friends he has made since we have been married, Jordan is the only one that he keeps in contact with on a regular basis. I haven't done as well keeping in touch with Jordan's wife (Emily), but it was so good to see her. As soon as we met up with them it was like old times! We walked around downtown for a little bit, then ate some deep dish pizza. It was really, really good! Chicago can make some good pizza! Then we walked around a little more and stopped at a random jazz concert in the park. We didn't stay long, but we had fun just talking and hanging out.

We slept over in Jordan and Emily's hotel, and then hung out with them for a few hours till we both had to leave. It worked out pretty nice that we met up in Chicago, then we could go to the temple as well. We did an endowment and a sealing session. I love the temple. I felt really close to the Spirit, and came home with some good questions to ponder about. I really like doing two ordinances right after each other, I feel like my spiritual radar (as President Livingstone would say) functions much better when I stay for two ordinances.

Yesterday I convinced Jonathan that he didn't need to go to school on a holiday. It actually didn't take too much to convince him of that, the longer we are married, the easier it is to convince Jonathan that it's a good idea to relax on holidays. I still have a bit of work to do in other times of the year, but I think he understands how important it is for me to spend quality time with him on holidays.

He did have some homework he needed to finish up, so the first half of the day was pretty normal, but then after lunch we went shopping!!! Jonathan had gotten some birthday money from my grandma and my mom (well, the check hasn't come from my mom yet, but it's in the mail) and we decided that he desperately needed some new clothes. We stopped by Joann's first because I wanted to get supplies for a diaper bag I'm making. (I'm going to try craft sewing, and see if I like it better than sewing clothing.) We spent way more than we were anticipating... even now, thinking about how much everything cost kind of makes my stomach turn. I had planned how much the fabric was going to cost, but I forgot about all the zippers, and the interfacing, and the fusable vinal for the changing pad, and ....... grrr. Being crafty sometimes doesn't save you money.

Anyway... then the fun part came, we got to go clothes shopping for Jonathan! I just have to say, Labor day is a great day to shop at the mall (and probably a few other places too) we went to Old Navy... actually they didn't have that many sales, but then we tried a few stores that neither one of us ever step into on a regular basis, American Eagle, and Aeropostale. At American Eagle everything in the store was 40% off! Seriously??? and then at Aeropostale almost everything was 50% off, some stuff was even 60% off! So, here comes the bragging moment, we shopped for a little over an hour, and we got 6 new shirts and a pair of jeans for just a bit over $80. I was so proud of us! Jonathan even stepped out of his comfort zone a bit and got some bright colors. We only had an hour to shop because we had plans for the evening, and we were very efficient. I was so proud of us! We had a lot of fun!

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