Thursday, September 20, 2012

Will I ever pop?

The past 48 hours I have been feeling very self conscious about not showing. I'm almost 18 weeks, I should be looking pregnant by now...
I know I should be grateful that I'm not big yet, and I should enjoy this time that I have without a huge belly, because heaven knows I'll be big for a long time, and I'm sure by the end of the pregnancy, I'll be wishing I was smaller. But I'd love to actually look pregnant, and not just that I'm growing out of my pants.
When did everyone pop? When did you start looking pregnant? Is this a premature worry of mine? ... Probably


  1. Hmm. With the first, I think it takes longer to show because you aren't all stretched out from previous babies. By 22(?) weeks with Meredith, I was showing pretty well. There's a picture in our blog archives in January 2011 if you want to see. But then I was also good at gaining weight. :)

  2. I couldn't hide it anymore at 20 weeks :) You guessed me at 16 though. But I'm sure it wasn't from me showing. It will come suddenly. So really, enjoy this time without a BIG belly. It gets hard to do get out of bed.

  3. I can totally understand your feeling..... I was close to your size when I got married. I didn't need to wear pregnancy clothes until six months with my first one. And then I wore them more as an announcement than for a need. I only gained 19 pounds total (which the doctor fussed about of course... but Robert still turned out to be fine. Just skinny and long - like he still is!)

  4. My doctor told me 20 weeks, and was spot on. Your uterus just needs to raise out of the pelvis a bit more, before you will show.

    I was hardly showing, and then at week 20 I wore that white and green dress I gave you, and wa-la! I was showing, and everyone thought I was magic.