Monday, September 10, 2012

Jonathan's birthday!

Well... it's official, Jonathan is now a quarter of a century. When I was younger my mom would often say that one age felt so much older than another, ie 39 felt so much older than 38, or 50 so much older than 49 etc. I always thought that was a little bit silly, but now that I'm getting older (but not old) I know what she means! 25 sounds so much older than 24! I'm glad that I have a good 7 months to prepare for my 25th birthday ;)

We had a really good day though, it was a little different not being able to spend time with family, but it was nice none the less. I remembered on Saturday night that I didn't think of a nice birthday breakfast or lunch! We talked about it, and decided that we had all the stuff for Ebleskivers, so I made him those before he went to a stake priesthood meeting at 9. Then he came home and picked me up and we went to get an investigator with the missionaries. That always takes longer than anticipated, so we were 5 minutes late for Sacrament meeting. Oops.

Jonathan gave a talk as well, it was really good. He talked about what we have learned from waiting on the Lord. It was a nice reminder to me how much we have grown and been blessed in the year and a half of struggles we have had.

When we got home we had some cereal and I started on dinner... Feijoada... MMM :) It turned out really well, and Jonathan was happy to get his rice and beans in. I also enjoyed them, so we might be able to slowly add them to our diet again :)

We opened gifts, (I wrapped up all the clothes we bought) and I also snuck in the present that I got him, he wasn't expecting that :)! We had a really good day, and we ended it with talking to almost everyone in his family. (Thanks for all the calls everyone! It made his day more special).

Oh I almost forgot that we had chocolate mousse! I made mom's recipe and half way through I realized that there were raw eggs in it... so I skipped that step, but that meant that the mousse was chocolate and whipped cream... oh well, it was really good anyway :).


  1. Fun fun. And just remember, if you want an easy chocolate mousse that a pregnant lady can eat, there's Jell0's instant chocolate mousse. :)

  2. I looked for it and I couldn't find it!

  3. Yea, Macy's didn't have it when I looked there. But Wal-mart does.