Friday, April 25, 2014

Cambria is getting bigger!

I was looking through some pictures that I could put up on facebook and I realized how much she has grown up in the last month! She is visibly older and it's kinda crazy how fast she is growing up.

Some of her accomplishments include talking! Holy cow, she's getting there! Her newest words are "Caaa" (car) "Haaaa" (hi) "Baaa" (bye) "Nana!" (banana) and of course "caca" (cracker) "dada" (dad) and sometimes (more often when she's crying) "mama". She can hear a dog and recognize it before I notice there's one barking, and she's noticing the birds singing too.

I think she is going to be running soon, she has one speed, fast! I hope I can get her to understand "come here" (and respond besides running away) before I become more whale-like.

She's such a joy, most of the time. And we are so grateful for her!


  1. She's such a little girl now! I can't believe how big she's getting!! p.s. LOVE your new blog design :) verrrrrry cute!