Monday, September 21, 2015

My favorites

When I sing Cambria to sleep each night, I let her choose a song, then I choose a song and so it goes.
When I tell her it's her turn to choose, she mumbles to herself "my turn, ok..." It's adorable!

Sometimes Cambria wants to dance with me. A little while ago, she insisted that she play the piano while I dance. I didn't mind that. I got some good pirouette practice.

Her little imagination is really taking off. She loves to carry her imaginary friends around. They are often the names of her real friends. She likes to take trips in her imaginary van, opening the door, putting on her seat belt and then rolling her hands (like the actions to "the wheels on the bus") when she drives.

She also likes to pretend to go shopping. When she goes, she always brings home chocolate. I don't mind eating imaginary chocolate! The other day she pretended to be the cashier. She pushed some buttons and then said "do you want cash back?" (something they always ask at Aldi). I couldn't resist laughing out loud at that one!

I love catching Cambria and Corbin holding hands. It's probably the cutest thing ever.

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