Sunday, October 18, 2015

Corbin's First Birthday

Since Corbin is almost 14 months, I figure I'm way overdue to talk about his birthday!

The day started off with a family cuddle!

My studly one-year-old in his new birthday suit!

He has loved being held from day one. He still loves it.

For our celebration, we had a family come over who is our family-away-from-family. They are fantastic, and love our kids as if they were their own grandchildren/nieces and nephews.

we didn't get a great pic of Corbin with his cake, because he wanted to eat it... imagine that

Here is the picture reel of him discovering a cupcake for the first time

I love this pic!
 And here are the presents he got to open on his birthday (a few more came a few days later, but I didn't get pics of it)

Look at that toothless smile! 

Corbin, you are a joy! By your first birthday you were crawling like a champ, with no hint of any desire to walk. You had the most adorable toothless grin, even though your teeth thought about popping through several times, much to your chagrin. 

When you are happy, you are happy! Which is most of the time! 

We love our Corbin-boy!

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