Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Test Drive

So baby boy doesn't have a name yet, we have narrowed it down to three, William, Keelan, and Coulson. We had decided to wait till we meet him since each name sounds so different, and has such a different personality attached to it. But, it's so weird calling him "baby" all the time. Jonathan also brought up the point that waiting till we are in the hospital kind of seems like we would need to make a rushed decision... and he doesn't do well with decision making like that.
So... we are going to take each name on a test drive for a week. That's how we came to the name conclusion with Cambria. We decided to start with William, and we have been calling Baby that for a couple days, at the moment, neither one of us feels like it "fits", we just feel like it could... so we'll see if any of the other names stick. I guess only time will tell.


  1. Seems like all the kids from you and your siblings have different names

  2. My friend has a boy named William and I love it every time I hear her say "Will". It's just too cute.