Thursday, December 12, 2013


Usually I have gifts purchased several weeks before Christmas. This year, however, is not the case. I think I finished this week, and now I need to package everything and ship it off. I have one more gift to make before I can ship everything... but before I do that, I have a carseat cover that I have to pop out... the baby popped out beginning of November, and he's carseat cover-less... So, I can't justify making a Christmas gift till that is done.

I am having a lot of fun though, wrapping all the presents! I think I have successfully purchased and wrapped all of Jonathan's presents without him finding out what they are! (Fingers crossed) In past years (I think every Christmas that we have existed as a couple, he has found out at least one of his gifts... Bummer. One year, he saw the gift through the bag as I was bringing it in to the house, and a few other years he has shaken the gift and guessed... Not this year. I am prepared :) No that's not a challenge Jonathan)

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  1. He must be related to Janelle ... she is a master at guessing the gifts!