Sunday, March 20, 2016

Picture dump

I don't get on my lap top much anymore, and the blogger app makes it really hard to post pictures. So basically, now that I'm on my computer I'm just going to post lots of pictures :)

(Back in December) We went to the bank for some reason, and Corbin found the glass.

(December) As I was trying out my new gel manicure set Cambria wanted to cure her nail polish with my light.

(December) my Christmas manicure

Cambria's Christmas manicure

This is their first introduction to White Christmas. Cambria watched till the very last scene, I was pretty impressed.

(December) We decided to do something fun during the break and went to open gym at a local gymnastics place.

Cambria's interpretation of the picture on the wall (it was all her idea)

We decided to finger paint on New Years Eve.

this was after our family slide show on New Years Eve, we didn't have egg nog during the Christmastime, so we couldn't let it pass without having some. Cambria loved it.

the whole family, after we threw confetti to ring in the new year!

this was all dad's idea, and it turned out to be really fun, and not too much of a mess to clean up!

Shhhh, don't tell the kids that we rung in the new year at 7:15...

New Years kisses

(January) Cambria built that tower almost all by herself. I was pretty impressed.

(January) we visited the preschool that Cambria is going to go to in the fall and she found the paint. She loved it!!!
(January) Corbin LOVES anyone smaller than himself. This little girl came over and he wouldn't leave her alone! He was rubbing her back in this picture

 This is us trying to install our washer and dryer, we paid someone to deduct and move the electrical so that we could have a stack-able washer and dryer! It was quite the tight squeeze to get the duct work connected. More often than not, it was the blind leading the blind, I couldn't see on the side next to the wall, and Jonathan couldn't see on the other side (while he was on top of the water heater). But we made it, thanks to special tape... the clamps were a joke, but the tape saved our lives!

This is such a great form of entertainment!

this is my first attempt at baking suger cookies and doing royal icing... not too bad if I do say so myself.

Happy Valentines day from the Kershaws!

Cambria wanted Corbin to sit on the potty with her, so I got brave and took his diaper off. 

"Oh, y'know... just me with my satchel."

I watched some friends, and they all decided to line their pottys up and go potty a the same time.

trying on hats. Isn't he just so cute!?

I had so much fun doing 1930's hair and makeup!

Cambria and a friend (Hazel) decided to get into pajamas
 Mom told me that she needed an update picture of the two kids together. "just put a sheet up and sit them down and take some pictures" it sounded easy enough...
first picture: not bad, but Corbin wasn't smiling. Lets try another one.

good, but not looking at me.

wait, we lost one...

me: "can you get back up on the couch?"
Corbin: "silly mom, that would make your job easy..."

me: "smile Corbin"
... silly me, I didn't ask him to stay... he was smiling...

"take that out of your mouth"

what if we all get together, could we get a good one? Almost, except you can see that I'm frustrated...

She found a ring pop, she was so excited!!

The sister missionaries stopped by and let Cambria wear a name tag... she was on cloud nine!

Corbin has started playing on the floor on his belly, it's the cutest thing!

James and Sadie surprised me at my show! They took the trip down to see me! These are the only pictures I got of them here... I'm horrible, I know.
But... again, Corbin is in heaven, he has a small baby to play with. Cousin Tanner wasn't too excited about the interaction.

 March 15 is free ice cream day at Dairy Queen, so we went. It was a hit.
Notice how Cambria eats her ice cream...

... and how that differs from Corbin... (haha!)

Cambria was by far the slowest. She just likes to enjoy every bite...

Corbin got stuck :)

I have been doing better at exercising constantly. As I was stretching Cambria started stretching with me. She bent over and touched her head to the ground, no problem. ... Jealous.

Cambria has all of the sudden become really interested in spelling things (thanks to Arilyn, I think). She asked me how to spell Evelyn (a friend) and Arilyn (her cousin). I told her the letters, and she found them and put them in order, with very little help from me. This girl never ceases to amaze me. She is a sponge, just ready to learn in so many ways.

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