Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Voice

I have been watching The Voice on Hulu this last week or so. It has got me thinking about my voice. I have been trained to sing in choirs, and to sing Broadway type stuff, but other than that I haven't really tried to sing anything else. In other words, I don't really have a style for my solos, should I want to sing solos.
I tried this week to play around with different styles and it's a lot harder than it seems to find a vocal style that I can feel comfortable doing all the time that I like. I know that I'm not a powerhouse, whenever I try to sing powerhouse songs I butcher them royally :) so now I'm trying not to sing through the natural breathy-ness of my voice. I'm trying to embrace my breathy-ness. So far it feels weird, but that's probably more from the foreign style that I haven't ever tried to sing.
If anyone has any recommendations on how to find a unique style that I can embrace, in all ears.

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