Monday, September 29, 2014

This and that

I have so much on my mind that I am going to start with the mini blog posts that I have written in my head.

Corbin's got talent
So when we change Corbin's diaper, we find that it is beneficial to cover certain body parts to avoid being hit in the face, his or ours. Well the other night, Jonathan was changing his diaper and had him covered. He managed to go around or through the covering and spray himself in the face, and pee all over our sheets. That night he also spit up all over our sheets and pooped outside of the diaper (thankfully he didn't poop past the changing mat that he had down).

Gimme Gimme
I have a friend from Western (where I got my Associates) who played Millie in our production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. This week she posted a video of her performing the song "Gimme Gimme" from the show, a performance she did this week. Well... I have been singing it. all. week. long. I have been itching to perform for a long time. The itch has gotten stronger as time passes. Having a Broadway song stuck in my head 24/7 hasn't helped much.

Big girl potty

Cambria has started taking interest in what happens on the potty. We decided to get her a little seat that goes on our toilet. We got it right before she started pooping as soon as we put her in her crib. Literally! She would poop every day right before her nap consistently for a week. I was thinking she might be doing it on purpose so that she could delay nap time. So we have started putting her on the potty. She doesn't get the concept yet, but she likes sitting there.
I almost caught a poop the other day! I saw her pooping, so I ripped the poopy diaper off of her and sat her on the toilet. We sat there for a good few minutes. Nothin'. So I put a fresh diaper on her, and within minutes it was poopy... boo.
How do you know when a toddler is ready to be potty trained? I don't want to say "ok, this is the weekend I'm going to potty train her", I don't think that is very effective.

Social Butterfly
I know that I am a social butterfly, but after I have a new baby I think my need for social interaction dramatically increases. I'm doing great, emotions-wise, thankfully(!) but my day often needs to start with either sunshine or social interaction, preferably both.

Fall is on it's way!
I absolutely love Midwest Falls! They are amazing and they last FOREVER! Fall is officailly on it's way. I saw the first signs of changing leaves the day before Corbin was born, and I have been anticipating the changing leaves ever since! I can't wait. I also ate my first pumpkin product (pumpkin cookies. Thanks Elisabeth!), so that must mean that fall is here!
Jonathan sometimes gets Starbucks giftcards for free. This week he brought home two; I have been dreaming about a (milk based) pumpkin frappuccino ever since! mmmmm!

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