Friday, May 2, 2014

Gender Guessing Time!

The time has come! I can't believe I'm almost half way through this pregnancy. We get to find out the gender of this new baby on Tuesday!!

What are all of your guesses? I asked Jonathan what he thought this baby was and he says "I'm told it's a girl" (I'm convinced it's a girl) but he told me his guess is a boy just to be different from me. We'll see who's right!

I'm so excited! I can't believe that I'm almost half-way! I think since the majority of my pregnancy I have lived in an over-sized sweater while in the house I have missed my belly growth, and the new appetite is just a part of life, I don't often associate it with the fact that I have a baby inside and twice as many hormones running through my body...

Speaking of hormones... ya... they are mean sometimes. Especially to my poor husband.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last 19 weeks. Poor Jonathan has to deal with me, and deal with how easily overwhelmed I get, so that means a lot more Cambee duty. And he has to tell me it's ok that I'm acting this way and that he loves me anyway... poor guy!

... ... anyway... what are your guesses! Oh, and here's the most recent belly picture (I'll post the pregnancy progression at some point)

Keep in mind this was at 16 weeks and I'm almost three weeks bigger than this...