Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Well, it happened. The ladies who teach aerobics have been pushing me to get some routines together. One day it was only me and the instructor that showed up so we sat down and put together a routine to "Brave". I told her that I needed a deadline or else I wouldn't ever work on anything. She gave me the deadline of this last Monday. So... I did it! I did 4 songs and at the end I was pumped to get some others choreographed.

Funny, the one that I choreographed myself was the one I remembered the best, and the one I enjoyed the most. So, for the remainder of my songs that I am going to add, I'm going to choreograph them myself.

Any suggestions on good, upbeat, songs that don't have trash lyrics?


  1. Any music from the movie Frozen would be fun!

  2. so proud of you - you were always good at that!!!