Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big News!!

No... I'm not pregnant ;)

We are going to be homeowners!!! We put an offer on a house (not the one we put an offer on three months ago... a different one)! We like it better than the other one, and it's in a better neighborhood, and it's across the street from a good friend! We couldn't be more excited!! (ok... if the house were free that would probably make us more excited :) )

It's not in writing yet, but it should be before the end of the day! We are so excited!!!

go here (probably not for very long... because it's SOLD!!!!!) for pictures and stuff :)

We are so happy!! And the accent wall is even in our color scheme! How awesome is that!!!??!!!!


  1. I love it!!! So perfect for you! Let us know when it is official!

  2. It's funny that you said, "I'm not pregnant," first, because James totally guessed that as a joke.:) I'm uberly excited for you!

  3. Actually, just kidding. I just read your comment on my blog. SO not happy for you either...;)

  4. Fun! Cute and cozy!