Monday, March 18, 2013

Waking up

So, Jonathan and I wake Cambria up quite often. Every three hours to be exact. She is so cute when she wakes up! We often just faun over her while she is coming out of sleep. Often we say things that she is doing ("streeeeeeeetttccccccchhhhh" or "Biiiiiiiig yawn!") and we get excited when she opens her eyes ("Oh! There are your eyes!")

Well, sometimes Jonathan watches Cambria so I can take a nap, and then he comes in and wakes me up. The other day he came in, and woke me up, and I stretched and I heard "sttrreeeeeeeetttccccchhhh" HAHA! That woke me up! So I opened my eyes and he said "Oh! There are your eyes!" and then I yawned... can you guess what he said next? :)

He makes me laugh. I love him!

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