Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pregnancy Funnies... Again

Week 24: Brother Mumford (in our ward) was talking to us. He said “now, my wife told me that you are expecting? I could be mistaken though.” I told him I was, and he congratulated me. Then he asked when I was due. I told him the 22 of February, and he looked shocked… then you could see him counting how many months that was from now and then said “that’s soon!” We agreed, and I could see him trying to look at my belly without being rude. … Yes, I’m still small and hardly showing :)

Week 28: I have a pregnancy calendar that talks about different things that go on each week. Jonathan started reading it last night (I only put it up this week). On week 29 it says that baby will shed it’s lanugo. He asked what that was and I wasn’t sure but I told him that I thought it was fine hair that is all over baby’s body. He made some sort of comment that our baby is hairy and then rubbed my belly and said “night night fuzzy monster!”

Week 29: As I got up from kneeling down for family prayer I felt the awesome sensation of sciatic nerve pain shooting down my right leg. I have felt this sensation before, but this was by far the most intense I had ever had it. I started shaking my leg in hopes that it would go away… my leg shaking made Jonathan a bit nervous. I think he thought it wasn’t voluntary… anyway, I was telling him about what it felt like and he turned to me and said “Baby, you are getting on mommy’s nerves!”

I’m so glad that we continue to find the humor in life. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

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