Sunday, September 9, 2018

Corbin's birthday

I have a big 4-year-old boy! He is old enough to really relish the birthday glory! The main thing he said to me was "mom, can I _____ because it's my birthday?" He got to do a lot of fun things that he usually doesn't do, which he loved.

He stayed home from school because he had a fever the night before. He didn't act sick, but he was feeling pretty warm.

He got to wear his pajamas all day, and watch shows, and eat almost as many canned peaches as he wanted (I capped it at 3 or 4 little-individualized snack packs). We had a great day!

He asked for a cake with candy on the inside, cookies on the outside, frosting and whipped cream. So, why not indulge him for his birthday?

He took a long nap because he wasn't feeling well, poor kid!

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