Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cute tender kids.

Sometimes Corbin well stop mid-play and notice my belly. Today it was right in the middle of sacrament meeting. He stopped what he was doing and rubbed my belly and made his tender baby sound. I think he is going to be a sweet big brother.

Cambria had a hard time right at the end of sacrament meeting. Jonathan took her out so as to not subject the congregation to her screams. Afterwards, he found me because she wanted me. I held her and she was sad, she just wanted to stay with me and not go to sunbeams. As I was trying to convince her that it would be more fun in primary, her (male) teacher came by and showed her the fun toys they got for them. She decided it would be more fun with her teachers. He asked her to come to primary and asked for a high five. She just cuddled up and have him a big long tender hug. She is a tender girl.

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