Monday, January 16, 2017

Cute talking kids

I've not been as good about keeping track of the cute things the kids are doing. But I have thought I'd then each night.

Yesterday I was talking to Cambria, trying to explain to her that now that I'm getting closer to having this baby, my body needs to rest more or I could hurt myself (by the end of the day sometimes, I have constant contractions, so really, I need to take it easy) then Corbin said "mommy! Owey!" I turned to him and confirmed. Then as he was saying a prayer later that day on the food, I prompted him to say "please bless mommy to have the energy she needs". Usually he just says "num num"the whole prayer (his go-to sound) but when I said that he said "mommy! Owey!"

Cambria is so good with Corbin when she wants to be. Corbin is trying to use more words, but they are really hard to understand. Cambria can talk to him and usually understand what he's trying to say. It's very sweet.

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