Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Sweet Corbin

Corbin is such a sweet guy. He has a tender soul. There have been a few things that have happened in the past few weeks that confirm this:

The night we got here Cambria realized that we forgot her blanket. Much crying ensued. (which is kind of funny,  because she has never been attached, but since Corbin likes his, she has started liking hers) Anyway... she was crying because she needed her blanket. We had an extra fleece blanket that we had brought up from the car and I tried to give her that one. She wouldn't have it. Well all the while Corbin was sitting next to her cuddling with his blanket. Without a second thought he handed Cambria his blanket (which was softer than the one we were trying to give Cambria) and grabbed the one fleece one. I was so shocked. He is so sweet, amiright?

There have been a few other times that Cambria has thrown a fit for one reason or another (Corbin sitting on the chair that she always sits on, Corbin being handed the cup that she wanted) and after noticing how upset she is he just gives her what she wants.

It just blows me away that a one and a half year old can be so in tune with others emotions and do something to make them feel better!

He is just so sweet! I'm grateful that he is part of our family.
I don't think clothes get much cuter than this. Oh, and the boy is adorable too!

holding his little cousin, Lochlan

Playing with Merek, his cousin who is closest in age to him.

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