Monday, June 1, 2015


Here are some awesome pictures/videos from the recent past

I didn't know she knew this song till she started singing with me.

If this is the only video you watch. Watch it. SO CUTE!!

I just love sleeping babies!

We went to an event on campus with a petting zoo. She loved the chicks!

she did touch the cow... but wasn't too excited about it.

LOVE this pic!!!

sometimes Cambria wants me to play Barbies... and sometimes I play longer than she does...
(my first waterfall braid. Success!)

my first ladder braid :)

Cambria was playing in her box and insisted that Corbin join!

I seriously love the way he looks at her!
For our five year wedding anniversary, we went horseback riding! Since neither of us had really ridden, we had a beginner lesson, but it was still fun!

We took family pictures (thanks Jenn!) and here are some faves!
Love their relationship!!

Pure joy right there!

Teaching Cambria how to blow dandelions. 

my cuties

he loves his daddy!

again, love their relationship!

Moments like this don't happen often, but I love them when they do happen
I love holding her hand

mmmm! mum mum!

temple snack buddies!

Swing-cheese! (lol... it's late)

"beep beep"

Cambee with some friends. They played almost independently the whole time. Then when it was time to go, this moment happened.

We take our smoothie mustaches very seriously around here. If we get lucky, they turn into goatees. 
look! Curls!


  1. WOW - So much preciousness!!! :):):):)

  2. AMEN to what Mom K said - - - so precious!!

  3. Love how Corbin totally studies Cambria. This boy is going to learn every trick he can from watching her. He seems to be really in tune with what she is doing - besides adoring her!

  4. Fun pics! I never knew Jonathan was such a good seal.