Saturday, December 27, 2014

What a day!

Today Cambria woke up and she was super lethargic, I was thinking that it might be because her schedule has been all out of wack (more on that later), or maybe because we got her up before she was ready to get up. But then it happened... she vomited.
Sometimes she has done just a little spit up, and then she's good. That's kind of what this seemed like. It wasn't much, and she seemed fine afterwards. Jonathan had to run to work to do a quick something in the lab, and while he was gone, she pooped and had a blow out. She has done that a few times in the last few days, but before that she hadn't done that in about a year. Then I sat her up after her diaper change (and a new change of clothes) and she vomited again. This time it was a lot, and it got on the carpet. I was at a loss for how to clean her up, so I threw her in the tub (she liked that) and let her play. Since I couldn't leave her alone in the tub, I had to ignore my screaming baby... poor kid. After I got her out of the tub, a new set of clothes on her, and the most recent vomit cleaned up; I decided that it was time to give Corbin some attention. As I was changing his bum, Cambria came up and vomited again! This time it was more! Again, it got on the carpet, but this time it was on our crazy long carpeted rug (for those of you who haven't seen it, the pile is about 3" at least). Poor girl, she started crying and I almost did too! I felt so bad!
Then daddy came home! Yay!! He got her started on some lunch, in hopes to help her get hydrated and new food in her belly before nap time. We had some pop left over so we tried to give her that. She didn't want it... she didn't really eat anything, then... she vomited again! Then to top it all off, Corbin spit up too!

But, here is the cool part. As I was getting Cambria ready to go down for a nap, I was anxious about putting her to bed and having her throw up all over the crib. So I asked Jonathan to give her a blessing. In the blessing he said that according to Cambria's faith, she would be healed. He also said that he blessed her to keep this remembrance in her heart so that she would remember that miracles happen and that Jesus loved her.
I felt much better after that. I put her to bed and when she woke up she was her regular, happy self! I'm so grateful for the power of the priesthood. I'm grateful that all I need to do to get the blessings of heaven poured out upon our family is walk into the next room and ask my husband for a blessing.

Heavenly Father is so aware of us, and our needs. He has real power, and He is willing to bless us.


  1. WOW! Thanks so much for taking the time after such a crazy day to share this. What a special closing of the day. Thanks for recording this for us all to feel the specialness of the blessings of our Heavenly Father.